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  1. optimized360 says:
    Julianna Murano
    Jul, 26th, 2022

    I have always been insecure about my teeth and Dr. Sedati went above and beyond to give me my dream smile. I am so happy with the outcome and I highly recommend Dr. Sedati to anyone looking to get dental work done. Marina also made me feel so comfortable with her warm and friendly personality. Thank you to Dr. Sedati and his team for an all around amazing experience!

  2. optimized360 says:
    Maureen Dore
    Jul, 3rd, 2022

    Dr. Sadati and staff deserve 5 stars. My results reflect his attention to detail, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Everyone on staff is the best at what they do and always professional, personable and flexible with your needs and you’re never left waiting in the reception area for your appointment.
    Thank you Dr. Sadati

  3. optimized360 says:
    Holly Gordon
    Jun, 26th, 2022

    Where do I begin, let’s start at the beginning. You don’t always know what you are choosing when you chose a aesthetic dentist for your smile. I shopped around because I had a difficult smile. My teeth had dark stains from long antibiotic use. Dr Sadati assured me he would correct my issues with one price where others were making me choose, high or low. But that was only the beginning. Over the years he and his staff have been there for me in ways I didn’t even know I would need. I broke a tooth at a wedding on Christmas Eve weekend and called his service he called me right back and came home from his own holiday and met me the very next day and fixed my smile. I could go on and on because over 13 years I have a few stories just like this (fortunately there are only a few) but he and his staff are always wonderful. I have seen other dentists work over the years and their ‘repairs or replacements’ and they don’t match. Mine do! Don’t forget this is a smile for a lifetime! Not just for now. So choose accordingly. Don’t just pick a dentist – pick someone that you can live with for the next 30 years! 🙂 I am so glad I did. I didn’t even realize then how important my choice was. I got so lucky. I hope you do too.

  4. optimized360 says:
    Cindy Farrell
    Apr, 6th, 2022

    I am very apprehensive regarding dental work; however, Dr. Sadati and his lovely staff were ever so mindful of my trepidation and did everything to put me at ease. I’ve had many visits with various dental work and cleanings at The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. I’m very pleased with my dental results and highly recommend Dr. Sadati and everyone at The Sadati Center.

  5. optimized360 says:
    Zilvija Gonzales
    Mar, 18th, 2022

    Thank you to Dr. Sadati and his entire team! Dr. Sadati is professional, attentive, and pays attention to every detail. I had major dental procedure done, but every time I visited the office, I was put at ease and the whole experience was pleasant and comfortable. Thank you for my beautiful smile!

  6. optimized360 says:
    lisa miller
    Mar, 11th, 2022

    Can’t say enough about Dr Sadati and his staff. Everyone was wonderful from start to finish. Dr Sadati takes pride in what he does and it shows, he is a perfectionist. My son chipped his tooth pretty bad and now you can’t even tell that it ever happened. I am so happy with his work and attention to detail. Thanks Dr Sadati and staff.

  7. optimized360 says:
    Jesse Robinson
    Mar, 2nd, 2022

    Dr. Sadati and his staff responded to my call for help with a broken tooth by scheduling an appointment in one day. Upon my arrival The Doctor’s dental assistant began the process of observing the situation and x-raying the problem tooth. Dr. Sadati arrived within five minutes, looked at the problem, explained the problem and proposed possible solutions. After getting my reply, he immediately began working on a temporary fix. He provided me with instructions and a referral for my next requirement to get a germinate fix. All of this was done within a limited available time..

  8. optimized360 says:
    Lysia Stonemetz
    Feb, 17th, 2022

    Dr. Sadati’s skills are impeccable. Many dentist’s advertise as cosmetic, but do not have the training and expertise needed. Dr. Sadati is a fellow in cosmetic dentistry , a level above cosmetic dentistry which is very difficult and time consuming to achieve. After going to several dentists in the area, I felt most comfortable with Dr Sadati. His prices were affordable and he took a lot of time explaining what the process would be. Dr Sadati is kind, compassionate, and easy to work with. He was confidant that my goals could be met and there was no pressure.
    When I decided to start the treatment plan, I was amazed at how thorough and precise his measurements were. I needed most of my teeth capped, and it was a lot of work on his part to make sure the bite was perfect. I am overjoyed at the result. The caps fit perfectly the first time [no adjustments needed]. His office staff and assistants were very helpful and friendly. After 20 years I feel like I can smile .
    Thank you so much Dr. Sadati

  9. optimized360 says:
    Kazem Rezakhani
    Feb, 15th, 2022

    Very warm atmosphere, extremely knowledgeable staff. Go to spot if your looking great dentistry.

  10. optimized360 says:
    Spencer Valentine
    Feb, 8th, 2022

    Dr. Sadati is amazing artist in regards to his dental & cosmetic work. It is such a treasure to find someone so fair that looks out for your best interest. I highly recommend him for his dental expertise outstanding work ethic and honesty!

  11. optimized360 says:
    Michael Pilato
    Feb, 4th, 2022

    I’ve been coming to the Sadati center for several years now to get my teeth cleaned. I’ve never had any issues, they do a good job and the staff is always friendly and the office is decorated very tastefully and clean.

  12. optimized360 says:
    Fran Rutstein
    Feb, 3rd, 2022

    Dr Sadati and staff are the best there is.

  13. optimized360 says:
    Brianna Garcia
    Jan, 26th, 2022

    Dr Sadati is the best!!! He has made my confidence level boost ever since he fixed my smile. At the Sadati center the staff is so welcoming and sweet. You feel like you’re apart of the team even when you’re one of their patients. I highly recommend Dr Sadati and his team!!

  14. optimized360 says:
    Travis Levins
    Jan, 20th, 2022

    I’ve had a long history of issues with my teeth and a lot of bad experiences with doctors who were overly confident or they couldn’t pull off what they said they could. I was on my 3rd pair caps on my front 4 teeth they would always become lose nothing I did would prevent it I was never confident in the sturdiness of the teeth. Then I found Dr. Sadati he was the only accredited cosmetic dentist in south Florida maybe even all Florida I’ll have to check and for good reason! it was like a breathe of fresh air no pun intended he really is not only an amazing human being but he’s an amazing artist as well. You can tell he’s proud of his work and from start to finish he listens and explains everything in detail. You notice the difference the minute you walk into the office everyone is super nice and smiling they’re Tons of his achievements on the wall pictures of patients who he has changed their lives! You just know your in good hands with him. The first time we had a consultation we sat down and I explained my long history of problems and he understood exactly what The problem was and found a solution. I’m more confident in My teeth today then I’ve ever been. And he is the only person I trust with my front teeth now. I live an hour away and it worth the drive every time . He goes above and beyond couldn’t be more happier! He is more expensive then most cosmetic dentists I’ve gone to but worth every single penny. You get what you pay for and what you pay for from Sadati is art. Thank you.

  15. optimized360 says:
    F A
    Jan, 10th, 2022

    Dr. Sadati is the best dentist you will find in Palm Beach county and all of the South Florida area. I have visited doctors considered “the best” and most famous dentists from Miami to Jupiter and they all disappointed for several reasons. Dr. Sadati is very professional, attentive, knowledgeable and more important he listens delivering what you ask for. His office is beautiful, all of his staff was kind and they went out of their way to assist me with everything. I am so grateful I found doctor Sadati and I totally recommend him. He is a gentleman and a great doctor.

  16. optimized360 says:
    Gloria Segura
    Jan, 3rd, 2022

    Thank you so much to Dr Sadati and his staff for the amazing results on my teeth, it’s not easy to find a great cosmetic dentist that with out complicating anything will let you know if it can be done and what can of results to expect… Dr Sadati is very professional and gentle at the same time…

  17. optimized360 says:
    Brett Bonincontri
    Nov, 18th, 2021

    Highly recommend. The office is absolutely beautiful and the people are even better. Staff goes over and above to provide what customer service should be. This was the first time I actually felt comfortable at a dentist and it was thanks to the front desk, staff, and Dr. Sadati!

  18. optimized360 says:
    Nov, 13th, 2021

    I chipped the veneer on my front tooth. They made time for me the same week. It was as good as new in less than an hour.

  19. optimized360 says:
    Sheila Einhorn
    Oct, 28th, 2021

    Thank you to Dr. Sadati and the entire team. They not only were patient focused but they went well beyond. I have had TMJ issues that have been life altering. My journey was about doing something so that I no longer had pain. I am so happy with my results.

  20. optimized360 says:
    Diego Meeroff
    Oct, 15th, 2021

    Dr. Sadati and his staff are the consummate professionals. He takes his time and explains everything in a way you can understand. He’s truly invested in your overall care and treatment. Highly recommend.

  21. optimized360 says:
    Jodi Jafari
    Sep, 20th, 2021


  22. R360Kp3GrA0IDl says:
    Sep, 8th, 2021

    I am coming to this office since 2009. This office is beautiful and very clean, nice relaxing music and nice atmosphere . Dr Sadati is the best of the best. He is kind, very gentle and make you feel comfortable in the chair. Dr Sadati and his staff are also the best. They are so welcoming and sweet, polite, makes you feel like you are part of their team. I will very much recommend Dr Sadati to any of my friends and to who ask me if I know a good Aesthetic Dentistry office.Thank you to Dr Sadati and his staff , for making the work I had , for perfection, and my smile to make me feel younger. I am blessed to have such of great dentist and team. Sincerely, Elena Dragan

  23. optimized360 says:
    Dennisse Bernal
    Aug, 16th, 2021

    – Dr.Sadati is absolutely superb. Not only as a dentist but as a person. Tremendous integrity as a professional.I recently got veneers, and could not be more pleased with how they turned out!!!! Dr.Sadati and his team were soooo nice. They always made sure I was well taken care of and completely happy. I am more confident with my smile and no one can ever notice that they are veneers as they look so natural. Dr.Sadati is amazing at what he does! AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! I don’t have enough words to describe just how happy I am with the incredible work done by Dr.Sadati and his team. I finally have the smile I always wanted. I would 100% recommend seeing Dr. Sadati and his team. They are truly a Dream Team! There is always a sense of uncertainty when starting a new relationship with a new doctor..I felt a sense of security from the very first moment I met him. Him and his team are absolutely wonderful..
    Dennisse Cortez

  24. optimized360 says:
    Leila Ghaffari
    May, 24th, 2021

    Everyone at the office so professional , helpful and pleasant . Dr Sadati explains , answer questions and walk you through the process . I had cosmetic restoration done and I am very happy with the results . Thank you Dr Sadati and the team .

  25. optimized360 says:
    Chris Graham
    Apr, 8th, 2021

    This is my first review ever written. I am 57 and this is the best dentist that I have ever seen. The facility is very clean and the office is very professional. Best of all…the work he did exceeded my expectations! Great job Dr. Sadati

  26. R360PZeRYu7h7j says:
    Oct, 27th, 2020

    My visit was quick and the staff was professional and kind

  27. R360IJutNo2830 says:
    Frank Occhigrosdi.
    Oct, 20th, 2020

    Always a pleasure. I always look forward to see


    Always a pleasure.

  28. R360xIJtIL5pj9 says:
    Oct, 1st, 2020


  29. R360ypvx5JxQgb says:
    Sep, 30th, 2020

    Always professional and friendly!

  30. R360g1a3i1d6Y3 says:
    Gulnaz Mirza
    Sep, 29th, 2020

    Best Dentist Ever!

  31. R3606cf8unv5W0 says:
    Sep, 28th, 2020

    I continue to drive to Wellington from delray

    I continue to be impressed with Dr Sadati. His knowledge, expertise, ‘bedside manner’ and skill are top notch. I am so fortunate to have him as my destist.

  32. R360z8r8EblID3 says:
    Sep, 24th, 2020

    Excellent service! Everyone is always so friendly, helpful and concerned about your comfort. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

  33. R3606UbUZ6JDtt says:
    Sep, 22nd, 2020

    Dr. Sadati is the absolute best! Highly recommend him to everyone!

  34. R360XEfe5W6Wke says:
    Sep, 15th, 2020

    Excellent service! I recommend everyone to come here.

  35. R360dSFQWzRqVv says:
    Jodi Jafari
    Sep, 10th, 2020

    Excellent experience today with Dr Sadati and his team. In these uncertain times I was comfortable and certain of my safety. After years of dental care with Dr Sadati I still travel from out of state to have all of my care at this office. Thank you so much.

  36. R360t81UGjvHvw says:
    Sep, 9th, 2020

    Sadati has been my dentist for the past couple of years. Very professional and courteous staff. I’ve been in for regular check up, cleanings and had my wisdom teeth removed. I’d recommend to anyone!

  37. R360Ac5h3hKj59 says:
    Burk Metzger
    Sep, 9th, 2020

    Did a total upper/lower makeover with the Sadati team and 100% satisfied.
    The whole team is extremely polite and courteous and you always feel welcome there.
    From the “planning stages” to implementation everything was transparent and I was well informed as to what to expect as we moved along.
    Dr. Sadati won’t settle unless he is 100% satisfied that the result is a perfect as he can get it, he is a stickler for perfection.
    Makeovers are big projects and the Sadati team can be trusted to deliver honest good work.

  38. R360lp4h0WdVF8 says:
    Sep, 8th, 2020

    If you’re looking for a great dental office I highly recommend Dr.Sadati. I worked for a local orthodontist and I’ve seen a lot of cases .Dr.Sadati is definitely one of the BEST if not the BEST especially for cosmetic dentistry. My family & I have all been very happy with our results .
    Great atmosphere, great staff & excellent results !☺

  39. R360bcuvc9r8C8 says:
    Sep, 8th, 2020

    My cleaning was fast and painless. The staff at the office is very professional and the office is beautiful.

  40. R3604ZZ6UY2OXo says:
    Teresa Coley
    Sep, 3rd, 2020

    Awesome service, technically and customer!!!!

  41. R360g9rNCxWDbx says:
    Sep, 3rd, 2020

    5 stars!!!

  42. R360p4nZR6M4FO says:
    Elizabeth H
    Sep, 2nd, 2020

    Dr. Sadati and staff are amazing! They are all very nice and professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for dental work.

  43. R360bcPHFEFUK2 says:
    Dennisse cortez
    Jan, 28th, 2020

    – Dr.Sadati is absolutely superb. Not only as a dentist but as a person. Tremendous integrity as a professional.I recently got veneers, and could not be more pleased with how they turned out!!!! Dr.Sadati and his team were soooo nice. They always made sure I was well taken care of and completely happy. I am more confident with my smile and no one can ever notice that they are veneers as they look so natural. Dr.Sadati is amazing at what he does! AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! I don’t have enough words to describe just how happy I am with the incredible work done by Dr.Sadati and his team. I finally have the smile I always wanted. I would 100% recommend seeing Dr. Sadati and his team. They are truly a Dream Team! There is always a sense of uncertainty when starting a new relationship with a new doctor..I felt a sense of security from the very first moment I met him. Him and his team are absolutely wonderful..
    Dennisse Cortez

  44. R360uXDvrX4e4i says:
    Sep, 11th, 2019

    I have been coming to The Sadati Center for thirteen years now. I can not say enough about Dr. Sadati and his entire staff!! They are so professional, caring, and provide meticulous care and attention to detail. Riula has been doing my cleanings for years and I will never go to anyone else! I really can’t recommend them enough!

  45. R360WCI2u4b701 says:
    Jillian Pumphrey
    Sep, 11th, 2019

    My favorite dentist I love the staff, the special treatment I always get, and the warm environment. I feel comfortable doing my dental work here always, would highly recommend.

  46. R360ONdMo8vP38 says:
    Sep, 11th, 2019

    Excellent!!! I strongly recommend anyone to visit.

  47. R360Pwklm4tTN6 says:
    Sep, 9th, 2019

    I researched for a long time to find the BESTcosmetic dentist to help me. I suffer from bruxism and over the years my front teeth were worn out and chipped. I needed a Dr. that understood not only the complications of my teeth as a result of my grinding but that had the esthetic approach as well. Being a perfectionist is not easy, however I found the perfect fit.
    I am beyond pleased with the results. Dr. Sadati is a true artist. Not to mention ALL his staff. Everyone is lovely and accommodating. I highly recommend The Sadati Center.

  48. R360HFPFNztn9m says:
    Emily B
    Jun, 5th, 2019

    Dr.Sadati and staff are truly amazing! I have been coming here for 10+ years and will continue to do so!

  49. R360klZRv0mLVa says:
    May, 30th, 2019

    I Love Dr Sadati, he has treated my children my husband and me. His work is impeccable. Rest assured that you will get the best care and results with him. Also big thanks to his staff, they are amazing too.

  50. R360J2ggB8RSTN says:
    Kerstin Korzekwa
    May, 30th, 2019

    Coming to Dr Sadati’s office is always a pleasure! I’ve been a patient for almost ten years now and have recommended this dental practice to many friends and clients

  51. R360wQ60Mgzwf2 says:
    Maria I
    May, 8th, 2019

    Great office staff, friendly, helpful and professional. Love them

  52. R360ImrgSSr6zh says:
    May, 7th, 2019

    I absolutely look forward to my appointment with Dr. Sadati and the lovely ladies who care for me during my visit. I have complete trust in the level of care, knowledge, and commitment to my health when I arrive and even after my departure. I can relax knowing the team is compassionate about what they do. There office has all of the bells and whistles in technology and the team has the most up to date training available. Thank you so much for always caring for me.

  53. R36098G3JO9xds says:
    Feb, 27th, 2019

    The Best!!!!!!!

  54. R360rh0OY2aasS says:
    Feb, 19th, 2019

    Always accommodating. The staff and Doctor are fabulous!

  55. R360h5ztwmgDDo says:
    Paul S.
    Jan, 31st, 2019

    What a great dental office!

  56. R360c4Yz2pUrZb says:
    Jan, 29th, 2019

    Dr Sadadi is a painless dentist! The best! Wonderful, friendly staff too ☺

  57. R360TUX1foQEsv says:
    Jan, 23rd, 2019

    Awesome! Best dental experience ever!!!

  58. R360uSAMLWNM4S says:
    Jan, 23rd, 2019

    Excellent service as always!

  59. R360csohEiGCeB says:
    Jan, 22nd, 2019

    The best dentist and staff! So caring and professional.

  60. R360DkidFrZxNj says:
    Jan, 21st, 2019

    I was always scared to go to the dentist but when I come to Sedatis, he makes me feel with no fear.

  61. R360w2eo3NkApL says:
    Tim Feagans
    Jan, 21st, 2019

    Dr. Sadati and his staff are excellent. Always the very best service and always very professional. Highly, highly recommended.
    Thanks to you all,
    Tim Feagans.

  62. R360IGlcA5fB5B says:
    Doug C.
    Jan, 17th, 2019

    Great dentist

  63. R3600lkRVPNXVy says:
    Ellen Wedge
    May, 3rd, 2018

    Love the people and Dr Sadati . Very professional group and the paraffin is amazing!!

  64. R360d5ghsQRbSV says:
    Apr, 26th, 2018

    I really do not like dentists in general, but this office is so great that I’m not nearly as anxious when I come here.

  65. R360d5ghsQRbSV says:
    Apr, 25th, 2018

    Excellent service, thank you very much! I will be a returning customer.

  66. R360YZxIVnOfiF says:
    Dara H
    Mar, 19th, 2018

    For over a decade I avoid the dentist. I have been coming to see Dr. Sadati, his beautiful office, and incredible staff for 9 years. I get stopped by strangers that tell me what beautiful teeth I have! I got over my intense fear once I started treatment in this office. I had four wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Sadati was quick and painless. I had put it off for about 15 years. When he was done I actually hugged him! Now I keep my smile looking great without anxiety will normal, routine cleanings I can’t imagine my life without Dr.Sadati and his amazing staff.

  67. R360cjr4f3bafg says:
    Mar, 19th, 2018

    Dr Sadati did a great job. My teeth look beautiful and natural.

  68. R360QMjVGqH0dv says:
    Feb, 13th, 2018

    Friendly staff. They take service to the next level! Dr. Sadati is the most kind and gentle dentist. And very handsome 🙂

  69. R360gT4oDfzV56 says:
    Aug, 30th, 2017

    Excellent service and staff.

  70. R360cfWTTNbDIa says:
    Aug, 22nd, 2017

    The best doctor he is the number one!

  71. R3606zODPaLIQt says:
    Jul, 20th, 2017

    I had the mouth from *&#$! I am currently 56, and I’ve had several dentists over the years either refuse to work on my teeth or tell me after a few visits that I need to find a “specialist” as my bite was just too complicated. My complications started as a child because the curvature of my mouth was not wide enough to accommodate a mouth full of teeth. However, instead of the dentist fitting me with a pallet expander, he instead pulled 7 of my molars “to make room”. And when my wisdom teeth came in – they too were pulled. This resulted in my back teeth not fitting together (my right side was so bad I could put a finger between my upper and lower teeth when my mouth was closed). I was told at age 32 that if I didn’t fix my bite, I’d have no natural teeth by the time I was 65. However, I had very little money then and my estimated quote was 33K. So I took the gamble…and lost. By the time I showed up at Dr. Sadati’s office, I believe I had 21/22 natural teeth left and six or seven implants (I’ve lost count). Chewing was very difficult and I referred to my smile as “the rainbow smile” because due to the implants and crowns mixed with natural teeth my smile was made up of many colors. I truly believed my mouth was a hopeless cause….until I met the miracle mouth man!
    I remember the exact minute Dr. Sadati asked me to “bite down”, and I felt my upper teeth hit my lower teeth in back; I started to cry. He was taken aback and quickly said “But you haven’t SEEN your smile yet”; he had no clue why I was crying. I had to explain that I had NEVER felt my teeth touch in the back before; it was very emotional for me. And my smile is beyond what I could have ever hoped for! My mother was very weary and critical of the process as she knows of a few people who’ve had this done by other dentists for cosmetic reasons and their smiles scream “fake” or in her words “looks like a horse’s mouth”. However she knew I didn’t have a choice due to my bite and teeth loss issues, and when she first saw me she was blown away at how natural my smile looks. And I’m blown away at how easily I can chew!!
    I am now constantly told by complete strangers that I have such a beautiful smile. And I’m continually telling others that I have the best dentist there is! I could go on and on with more details, but I give Dr. Sadati my permission to give my name and number to anyone who wishes to ask more detailed questions, etc. Pretty much you name it I’ve been through it with my mouth. Dr. Sadati uses the latest techniques (i.e. has YOUR dentist ever taken your own blood and used it to heal your mouth after a procedure?) and even more than that – he truly cares for his patients and the patient knows it. I will not allow another dentist to come near my mouth; I plan on going to his office for all my dental needs – even my cleanings. Believe me, if he helped me – he can help anyone!

  72. R360Bqn29GBL1R says:
    Jul, 20th, 2017

    I can not believe an office like this exsist!
    Such a great atmosphere, I was offered aroma therapy and watched Netflix during my procedure.

  73. R3606PrjwNWoZX says:
    Jun, 20th, 2017

    Amazing visit. Always very pleasant and never rushed. Love Dr.Sadati and Riula!!!

  74. R3603Y9tCfeoAu says:
    Jun, 14th, 2017

    Best experience I have ever had at a dental office. The staff is amazing and Dr.Sadati is an absolute artist!

  75. R360sGy77BipYr says:
    Grady Ross
    May, 25th, 2017

    As always great service the atmosphere here is addictive can’t wait for my next visit continue to set the bar in dental professionalism.

  76. R360uaUeo5OrWO says:
    May, 24th, 2017

    Comfortable atmosphere. Friendly staff. Dr. Sadati is wonderful!

  77. R360B8fV07azEI says:
    May, 24th, 2017

    This office is caring and extremely professional in every thing they do. I feel blessed to be one of your patients!!

  78. R360xuWgX7jXA4 says:
    May, 23rd, 2017

    The entire staff at Dr. Sadati’s office is very professional and talented. I am grateful to him and his team for giving me a beautiful smile.

  79. R360lwu0bVmudW says:
    May, 17th, 2017

    Totally pain free and awesome staff! I highly recommend giving Dr. Sadati a try!!!

  80. R360du2aP2VNB5 says:
    Sam Benjamin
    May, 16th, 2017

    Wonderful hospitality and great people. They made a usually stressful situation much more comfortable. Thank you.

  81. R360qhyR2EpEYu says:
    Sam Benjamin
    May, 11th, 2017

    Wonderful hospitality and great people. They made a usually stressful situation much more comfortable. Thank you.

  82. R360wGYeFy8O4d says:
    May, 4th, 2017

    Great experience! Wonderful attentive staff! Beautiful office with calming atmosphere.

  83. R360U1pv7YA1ZE says:
    May, 2nd, 2017

    Hands down the best in the business!

  84. R360JsZYEqDJif says:
    Apr, 12th, 2017

    Most compassionate, caring, wonderful competent dentistry team ever !!!! I’m a patient for life !!!

  85. R360l0JPO8oHAg says:
    Apr, 11th, 2017

    Very happy and always satisfied.

  86. R360wfs0PVaET9 says:
    Apr, 11th, 2017

    Dr.Sadati is very kind and gentle. Most importantly, he is very good at his job. Dr Sadati is able to perform procedures without causing the patient pain. I highly recommend him and his practice and I trust him completely as my doctor.

  87. R360J2Hp64jpMB says:
    Apr, 5th, 2017

    Always a great experience ..

  88. R360WNcyTLzZ2t says:
    Harry S
    Apr, 5th, 2017

    Excellent treatment and facilities

  89. R360LtNQYtxQOs says:
    Dawn s
    Apr, 5th, 2017

    Very comfortable atmosphere and very gentle and thorough care.

  90. R360g6b0Esw4mC says:
    Abigail C.
    Apr, 5th, 2017

    What a great caring doctor. Painless experience. Excellent beautiful work. Environment is very soothing. Staff is great!!

  91. R360bXvkMuh702 says:
    Mar, 31st, 2017

    Thank you for everything! I love my new smile!

  92. R360cqDgu8C3jE says:
    Wonderful staff and Doctor!
    Mar, 31st, 2017

    I have never felt more comfortable at a dental office. I was so relaxed. The staff and the Doctor are all wonderful!

  93. R360iSSBrXnBhS says:
    Mar, 15th, 2017

    I love going to the dentist! Everyone is so friendly and a pleasure. Great service!

  94. R360oNPeMExZ6X says:
    Susan Kaczmarek
    Mar, 15th, 2017

    Riula was wonderful! She was very thorough (and I’m picky about my hygienist). She made me feel very comfortable, and she is super nice!

  95. R360APTwq5NAf6 says:
    Mar, 15th, 2017

    Excellent! Very comfortable

  96. R360APTwq5NAf6 says:
    Jana & Peter Domnick
    Mar, 15th, 2017

    Dr. Sadati is our Dentist for over 11 Years now. Great service like always.
    The staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Sadati is not only a Dentist, he is an Artist.
    We enjoy coming back for our regular check ups and teeth cleaning. Hula is the Best 😊

  97. R3602RiQrJ7iFp says:
    Feb, 8th, 2017

    A definite 5 star practice!

  98. R360H94gAdU6C1 says:
    Feb, 8th, 2017

    Dr Sam and the whole group are the Best! We still drive an hour to go to his office for the best care.

  99. R360i2xwH55qnx says:
    Jan, 25th, 2017

    Dr. Sadati and his staff (especially Riula) are consummate professionals, and are the kindest I have had the pleasure to see. I no longer live in Florida, but made sure to book an appointment for a time I knew I would be visiting.

  100. R3601Sb0yLUmHX says:
    Jan, 25th, 2017

    Dr Sadati and his staff are always so friendly and accommodating! I give them 5 stars and thank you so much for the great service!!!

  101. R360cJfjwliYT8 says:
    Jan, 19th, 2017

    Excellent office, very professional staff and friendly place to bring all your loved ones for your dental needs.

  102. R360K1iAe8YooY says:
    Jan, 18th, 2017

    Riula is the best dental hygienist in Wellington. The office is always so warm and inviting. I always leave with a bright smile. Highly recommend this dental office. Dr. Sadati is a very warm and knowledgable dentist with a gentle hand.

  103. R360xPV4VUhNDM says:
    Jan, 11th, 2017

    I feel this office is very good and safe!

  104. R360muqKaC7kxm says:
    Nancy Antonelli & Gordian Tork
    Jan, 4th, 2017

    Thank you Dr Sadati for constantly making me feel like a family member when I’m at your office. You and your staff take very good care of me and my family. I am so thankful to have found such great people and you have the best dentistry in Florida!!

  105. R3606pBauBQPlW says:
    Dec, 21st, 2016

    Hey I just adore everybody here just Like a family. Great positive good vibes atmosphere😉😉☺️☺️😘😘😘happy holidays xo

  106. R3600G1DywlpOo says:
    Dec, 20th, 2016

    Dr Sadati and his staff are the best! True professionals, and a beautiful office! I highly recommend!

  107. R360CGjwY6aw3s says:
    Dec, 7th, 2016

    Dr sadati is an amazing dentist and person. I highly recommend him for all dental needs

  108. R360Xrr15igtnW says:
    Dec, 6th, 2016

    Lindy, my hygenist, was exceptionally sweet and tender. I appreciate her compassion and skill.

    Dr. Sadati is extremely knowledgable and thorough. I enjoyed his gentle nature and time.

  109. R360WmtyrRtjv2 says:
    Nov, 29th, 2016

    I’m a long time patient of Dr. Sadati and I’ve never had a less than stellar experience, regardless of procedure.

  110. R360yhuRaUqSvN says:
    Nov, 22nd, 2016

    Always feeling so great when I leave here. Gentle care Pleasant surroundings. PAH

  111. R360fG2ba2gIJD says:
    Nov, 16th, 2016

    I come from a family of dentists and could never imagine anyone else taking care of me! Thank you Dr. Sadati & Riula. Luv Hindy

  112. R3609ZjXxhtazW says:
    Nov, 9th, 2016

    Love my teeth. One thing I don’t worry about as I age. My teeth are timeless!!!

  113. R360PLO4EMD8iy says:
    Ron Neal
    Nov, 9th, 2016

    As always another pleasant experience at The Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, thanks so much

  114. R36064P746kLjm says:
    Nov, 8th, 2016

    I absolutely love this practice! The environment is very relaxing and staff is warm and friendly; I’m treated like family whenever I’m here. With Dr. Sadati, I know I’m getting the very best dental treatment. Would hands down recommend to anyone.

  115. R360YEDRadYuhZ says:
    Marlies Cristina
    Nov, 2nd, 2016

    Dr.Sadati’s entire staff is beyond reproach. Now I look forward to my semi-annual visits with Riula. I certainly hope that she will continue to be your dental hygienist for many, many years from now. She is a exceptional part of your office. She is a god send.

  116. R360EEIV8tBv0g says:
    John Dalton.
    Nov, 2nd, 2016

    Excellent as usual!!!
    Thank you.

  117. R360Y5yH6pKROt says:
    Nov, 2nd, 2016

    Cleaning was fantastic thank you!

  118. R3607AaXGUE94f says:
    Nov, 1st, 2016

    Treating me wonderfully!

  119. R3609LATJwriLv says:
    Jordan Dawson
    Oct, 27th, 2016

    The service was excellent, and I recieved great care and hospitality!!

  120. R360a4I43jYWzn says:
    Oct, 27th, 2016

    Good office, very professional!

  121. R360sjNh2hxPCx says:
    Brian Neilson
    Oct, 26th, 2016

    Dr. Sadati and staff are like family. I always look forward to my visits and seeing everyone. This it truly the best experience I’ve ever had.

  122. R360KgCTVqUW00 says:
    Oct, 26th, 2016

    Great service, great staff. Highly recommending !

  123. R360yadZKPuQfD says:
    Sharon Wille
    Oct, 20th, 2016

    The staff are very professional and caring! Love the way my mouth and teeth feel when I leave the Sadati center!

  124. R360fKyaS803lW says:
    Lumi Anderson
    Sep, 28th, 2016

    Love everything about Sadati Center ! I highly recommend the place 👍

  125. R360J11VsSMHRx says:
    Felix Arrest-igor
    Sep, 28th, 2016


  126. R360CbiyE2qjIO says:
    Susan Masilotti
    Sep, 28th, 2016

    Very good. Pain Free.

  127. R360ql58jndtBd says:
    Beth Norton
    Sep, 28th, 2016

    The staff is friendly and the dentistry is painless 😎

  128. R360ZtY9WTLlsZ says:
    Joyce Lu Binfine
    Sep, 28th, 2016


  129. R360Ge5Smo9Wlf says:
    Josephine Chaudry
    Sep, 28th, 2016

    My experience is always phenomenal here. I tell many about this place and look forward to my visits. I love the tranquility you have instilled here😊

  130. R3608Y4LGVYTRr says:
    Catalina De Los Mozos
    Sep, 15th, 2016


  131. R360v5cOLlJXHg says:
    Jason Aronson
    Sep, 15th, 2016

    Dr. Sadati and his office are the best. I’ve been without them for 10 years and could not imagine going anywhere else!

  132. R360bPigUM9R1j says:
    Haley Koptak
    Sep, 15th, 2016

    Wonderful as always!

  133. R360Ep6Iem5NFk says:
    Loraine Robinson
    Sep, 15th, 2016

    Riula is wonderful and very thorough dental hygenist. So glad she here for me. Thank you very much.

  134. optimized360 says:
    Patrick Harris
    Mar, 8th, 2016

    Dr. Sadati completely changed my life with a smile makeover! He combines all the modern technology and tools in a state of the art office, with an artists eye to create the perfect smile. His office is like walking into an oasis complete with a one of a kind staff that completely puts you at ease. The result for me exceeded any and all expectations I had. I spent 20 plus years afraid to smile, and the mere sight of a camera pointed in my direction would cause an anxiety attack. Now I am that annoying dude taking selfies everywhere. Simply put the best decision I made was to schedule an appointment at the Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry! Thank you Dr. Sadati!!!

  135. optimized360 says:
    Mohammad Haji Gholizadeh
    Dec, 1st, 2015

    Please accept my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for your invaluable and superb level of service and treatment. I am also very grateful of your assistant that went to great lengths to ensure my comfort, extraordinary! I do admire and love your professional manner and skill. Meantime, Happy Holiday! Wishing you and your loved ones a joy filled Thanksgiving.


  136. optimized360 says:
    Linda Tucker
    Sep, 21st, 2015

    I did my homework before selecting a cosmetic dentist. I’ve seen too many people with fake looking teeth or too white teeth. I wanted my new teeth to have a natural look that brightened and improved my smile. I wanted them to look real.

    I began my research and discovered that top-notch cosmetic dentists are accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). There are many cosmetic dentists but only a select few are AACD accredited; Dr. Sadati is one of them. Although his Wellington FL office is a 6-hour roundtrip ride from my home in Naples FL, I decided to make an appointment for a free-smile consultation. After meeting Dr. Sadati and his team—the rest is history.

    Dr. Sadati is a true artist in his field. You can see that he is a perfectionist, not just in dentistry, but in the design of his office, his well trained staff and how he and his team go out of their way to provide the ‘best’ guest experience. You feel like you’ve left a spa, not a dentist’s office, after each visit.

    I am so pleased that I found such a talented dentist and each day I marvel at my new beautiful smile. It’s almost a year since Dr. Sadati gave me my new smile and I couldn’t be more pleased and I’m amazed at how many strangers compliment me on my teeth.

  137. optimized360 says:
    Colby Parks Molash
    Sep, 18th, 2015

    Dr. Sadati is not only the most highly skilled professional in the field he is also the most caring, kind, and patient-comfort focused. He also has a staff that is equally as wonderful. Dr. Sadati recently saved an existing onlay for me that no other dentist was willing to touch without replacing it. He is without question above and beyond anyone in his field. I am so thankful that my family and I are patients at the Sadati Center for Aesthetic Dentistry!

  138. optimized360 says:
    Scott Goff
    Sep, 2nd, 2015

    I’ve been researching cosmetic dentistry for quite some time. After careful review of Dr. Sadati’s qualifications, previous work and positive peer review I decided that of all the professionals in South Florida he was the one to go to for 10 full porcelain crowns.

    I was married a few weeks ago and had my temporary crowns for the wedding. Dr. Sadati took the time to make the temporaries look great for the photos. The doctor really went the extra mile for me. He did an amazing job and I’m grateful for the time spent and the attention to detail. Now I have my permanent crowns and I’m floored by how great they look. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s life changing to have a great smile.

    My entire experience with Dr. Sadati has been top notch in every regard. By far the nicest Dentist office I’ve been to. You can tell that Dr. Sadati takes aesthetics very seriously.

    My thanks to the Doctor and his staff for a job very well done.

  139. optimized360 says:
    Tiago Madaleno
    Aug, 29th, 2015

    Dr. Sadati and his staff are without a doubt the most professional team i have ever encountered in the dentistry field.

    If you think doctors don’t care, well, you haven’t met Dr. Sadati and his awesome team, a team that really cared and looked out for me. cannot thank this team enough.
    they made my smile the best ever.

    Special thanks to Dr. Sadati, Brenda, Lindy, Riula and Joanie. you are the best
    wouldn’t even dream about recommending anyone else.

  140. optimized360 says:
    Robert Upson
    Jul, 16th, 2015

    Broke a tooth and I needed an implant. I was nervous as it was the first time for me with this procedure. Dr Sadati did the work, drilling and the implant while I listened to music. Could not believe when it was over as I felt nothing. First time a dental procedure was a pleasure. Highly recommend.

  141. optimized360 says:
    Steve Garfinkel
    Jul, 7th, 2015

    Dr. Sadati is one of the best dentists I have ever seen.

    I first went to Dr. Sadati in 2011 after I moved to Florida and began having complications with my teeth.
    When I met Dr. Sadati, I felt safe and reassured and soon knew I had found a master dentist.

    Dr. Sadati is brilliant in his field and able to diagnose problems quickly.

    He utilizes state-of-the-art technology, uses exceptional pain control and performs impeccable work.

    Dr. Sadati is a polite, considerate and even-tempered dentist with a staff who emulate his work ethic and professionalism.

    As a result of Dr. Sadati, I have no more pain, no more fear, a beautiful, natural smile and more self-confidence. Thank you, Dr. Sadati!

  142. optimized360 says:
    Laura Durso
    Mar, 13th, 2015

    Dr. Sadati changed my life! After a lifetime of struggles, and going to various doctors for various procedures, I finally was fortunate enough to find Dr. Sadati!

    I have a beautiful smile and greater confidence thanks to him and his outstanding staff!

  143. optimized360 says:
    Hernando Lydia Ponce
    Sep, 5th, 2014

    Dr. Sadati did an amazing job with my smile! We have never felt so comfortable at a dental office before. Thank you Dr. Sadati and your dedicated and caring staff.