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  1. john-vips says:
    Fred T.
    Dec, 8th, 2018

    I am so happy that the surgeon who did my triple neck fusion recommended me to Dr. John Villanueva of Innovative Pain Management. From the moment you walk into his office, you’re greeted and treated with so much kindness and care. The staff at the front desk are friendly yet professional and I haven’t had to wait for more than 10 minutes, once I arrive, in over a year of being a patient. Dr. Villanueva is an excellent Doctor and has helped give me with the tools I need to function while living and working with neck & spine pain. Using physical therapy, stretching, relaxation techniques and meds, I’ve been able to keep up with a very active career. I’m a very busy choreographer & travel a lot for work. I’m also on set for crazy hours and locations that are difficult. No one at work would ever know about my serious neck and spine issues because I can still dance like crazy…. And then dance some more! I thank Dr. Villanueva and would recommend him to anyone living with pain. Dr. V will help you, trust me!

  2. john-vips says:
    Brenda L.
    Oct, 25th, 2018

    I found this place by searching the web and so glad that I found them. For my first visit they have you filling out a bunch of paperwork of course, so they can get to know your background as much as possible. I was paired up with Dr.Villanueva. He is so sweet, kind, very knowledgeable, and takes time to get to know you to make sure whatever procedure is going to work for you. It’s never an issue to make an appointment. There is usually parking in the street, and they have a few spaces behind the building. The staff behind the desk are sweet women that are polite and will do anything to be at your service.

  3. john-vips says:
    Tom P.
    Oct, 17th, 2018

    I’ve known Dr. Villanueva for years both as a friend and a colleague. As a board certified pain doctor myself who also owns his own pain practice in Chicago, I can say with confidence that he is one of the finest physicians and persons I know. I would have no hesitation in sending my own mother to him as a patient nor would I hesitate in allowing him to treat me if I were to suffer from chronic pain or an injury. The Los Angeles area is lucky to have such a great physician.

  4. john-vips says:
    Frank S.
    Sep, 27th, 2018

    Dr. Villanueva was a godsend. He took the time to read, interpret and convey my MRI results in a manner that I understood. With my herniated discs and bulging discs he charted a course of action and I underwent a lumbar epidural injection in their office in Burbank. I was scared as I have never had anything like this done before. The whole team here made me feel at ease before, during and after the procedure. I felt no pain during it which I was worried about and afterwards I have great relief. No more numbness, tingling and pain down my legs. Dr. Villanueva stayed in touch the whole time calling personally to check in on me and make sure I was comfortable. I would say I can’t wait to go back here but that sounds a bit odd. As with any medical procedure you hope you don’t have to get it done but if and when you do it’s really comforting to know that there are doctors out there like this. Highly recommended and very reasonable rates.

  5. john-vips says:
    Ric L.
    Aug, 18th, 2018

    Hello, I just wanted to thank Dr. Villanueva, his medical staff and office team for their kindness, knowledge and helpfulness and always answering my questions.


  6. john-vips says:
    Stephan C.
    Jun, 14th, 2018

    5/3/2018 Previous review I’m a busy choreographer in Los Angeles with a demanding and often chaotic schedule. A previous neck fusion surgery left me in constant pain and missing a lot of sleep. It was getting hard to function and I worried that maybe the career I loved and worked so hard to create might slip through my fingers. The day I met Dr. Villanueva became the turning point in my journey. He had the knowledge and ability to really help me. He gave me many tools and created a game plan that took me out of a very dark place and let me enjoy my life and career as much as I ever did before my accident. Dr. Villanueva is kind and compassionate too. He has taken the pain and the worry out of my life and left in it’s place, the simple joy of just waking up and feeling great! Plus, my career could not be going any better! I’m so grateful, Thanks DOC!

  7. john-vips says:
    Erica F.
    Nov, 8th, 2016

    I recommend this place for anyone who is experiencing chronic pain. I have been to several doctors who have specialized in anything from general medicine to neurosurgery and they were unable to get me to a place where my pain was under control. Not only were these doctors unable to get my pain under control, but they wrote me off as a person who was just interested in popping pills.
    I found Dr. Villanueva and my life has been given back to me. From that first visit to the most recent visit, he listened, with compassion and concern, to everything I tried to convey to him regarding my pain. He took swift action and ran a lot of tests and within two months I was on a path to wellness.
    Before I found Dr. Villanueva I thought that I was going to live out the rest of my years in uncontrollable pain and need assistive devices for mobility. I don’t use any assistive devices anymore and my pain is under control. I can go into a super store and not have to use a wheelchair; I can walk that entire store if necessary. I can play with my grandchildren where they are playing instead of them needing to play beside me because I can’t get to where they are playing. I can make an entire meal for my family and even make an apple pie for dessert.
    I can honestly say that my life has been changed forever because of the treatment that I continue to receive at Innovative Pain and Spine Physicians. I want everyone who has pain issues to go to this place because they/you will never be the same again. Get your life back like I got mine back.