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  1. R360DKvp3SS2AW says:
    Nathan Swenson
    Feb, 7th, 2018

    I’m very impressed with the work Dr Heidarian did with my crown. She was meticulous with impressions and fitting. No extra adjustments were needed. The entire staff has been excellent. Just a pleasure to visit them.

  2. R360F952y1oUc6 says:
    Sarah Grace Gilbert
    Dec, 17th, 2017

    Dr. Heidarian is truly the most wonderful dentist I have ever met. She did an extraordinary job on all of my care, including multiple fillings, and went out of her way to fix a difficult crown, even though it required a ton of extra effort and time from her. She is consistently professional as well as kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend Dr. Heidarian and her staff to anyone who wants excellent dental care from a caring and knowledgeable group.

  3. R360z8k2duAjjM says:
    Shideh H
    Dec, 5th, 2017

    Excellent first time experience. The staff were all super down-to-earth friendly, and I didn’t wait at all for my appointment. Dr. Heidarian is simply amazing and very caring. She explained everything, options of treatments, future predictions for my teeth, and recommendations for the best care. I have already scheduled my next appointment to get invisalign.

  4. heritage-park-dentistry says:
    Cynthia K.
    Dec, 1st, 2017

    What a great dentist! Can’t thank Dr. Shadi Heidiarian enough for all my dental work. I had ignored my teeth for a few years, but could not delay any longer. She fixed two of my old fillings, a new crown and two front veneers. Love my new smile and highly recommend her.

  5. R36040m5Slcfvd says:
    Roderick Webb
    Nov, 6th, 2017

    My visit on 11/01/17 was the most thorough cleaning. I can really feel the difference. Jolene (the hygienist) did an outstanding job.

  6. R360O2tgTgc4tb says:
    Remy Durand
    Nov, 6th, 2017

    A very thorough cleaning from Jolene. She didn’t hurt my sensitive teeth.

  7. R3600CVwoZkKPp says:
    Nadi C.
    Oct, 7th, 2017

    Dear Dr. Heidarian;
    I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for fixing my crown and easing my pain. It feels so great 🙂