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Glenview, IL 60026

(847) 998-0255

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  1. R360qWnNmrrFrd says:
    Virginia S.
    Jul, 26th, 2018

    Great experience! It was my first time with Kaitlyn, dental hygienist-she was awesome! I hope she is a permanent fixture at Family Smiles!

  2. R360dbd2cA57mt says:
    Richard W.
    Jul, 12th, 2018

    Super attention to detail, very caring and helpful staff. If you have a fear of dental work, dentists & hygienists in general then you have not had the pleasure of having these amazing professionals work with you. I’ve seen dentists & hygienists for 38 years and hands down they are the best around. The office is immaculate, superb supporting office staff, kid friendly and they are very punctual. Honestly they are simply the best, an outstanding pillar in the dental and Chicagoland community.

  3. R360aFXvqbppLx says:
    J. Boyle.
    Jun, 26th, 2018

    My whole family goes to Family Smiles and we love the friendly and professional attention we get there. We feel confident that we are getting excellent dental care! Dr. Ali Nematollahi is always on schedule and he always has time to make sure we understand the procedures and are pleased with the result. I recently had a veneer done and his kind manner, confident expertise and incredible attention to the details made it a very successful and pleasant experience. I highly recommend Family Smiles at the Glen – I feel very fortunate to have them looking after my family’s dental care.

  4. R360MNJIv5r8Y9 says:
    May, 7th, 2018

    Dr. Ali filled three very minor cavities very efficiently and painlessly for me. I always appreciate the time he takes to make sure my bite is right.

  5. R360X0xE9M3ZDN says:
    Cathy T.
    May, 5th, 2018

    It is always a pleasure to go to the dentist. The entire staff is always welcoming, professional, and thorough.

  6. R360EnKjaWHbLM says:
    Anne K.
    Apr, 26th, 2018

    Very thourough! So glad I found them!

  7. R3602Y9gu8B4kQ says:
    Michael R.
    Apr, 26th, 2018

    Very pleased and happy with there service , I would recommend this dentists to anyone that is looking for a dentist . They are very professional and family friendly , Love them a lot!

  8. R3600aKyG9GKqY says:
    Kevynne S.
    Apr, 26th, 2018

    Wonderful friendly staff. Clean, nice office, it felt more like a spa than a dentist. The waiting room felt like someone’s living room, very comfortable and the dental chair had a massage option. Staff was great, explained everything and was very nice. I already recommended this place to my family.

  9. R360vDnTd8rmOD says:
    Pamela C.
    Mar, 26th, 2018

    It took me a terrible experience with a previous consultation to realize how important is mouth health in general. Not only I feel save and comfortable with family smiles but now I am a different kind of patient. Now I am always well informed; they explain everything to you and take time to make sure that you take good care of yourself and your family. I have young kids and a husband who’s always making excuses to skip a visit to the dentist but now is a place they feel confident and as if they where at home. Friendly staff and beautiful office. Professionalism and family environment perfectly combined.

  10. R360IBLI6eVvjm says:
    Thomas S.
    Mar, 11th, 2018

    Outstanding dentist as well as the entire office staff. Thank you!

  11. R36042ne2iNftI says:
    John T.
    Jan, 19th, 2018

    Very thorough and friendly.

  12. R360Kxf1DcAAH0 says:
    Michael E.
    Jan, 1st, 2018

    Family Smiles is a state of the art dental office. They have a very friendly staff and wonderful location. I think I had both the best dental hygienist and dentist around. Caitlin (hygienist) was wonderful to deal with. She went above and beyond regarding your average cleaning. She is very knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to be around, I actually enjoyed my cleaning without any pain and felt amazing after! Dr. Ali is a very personable guy – he not only knows the issues at hand, but knows the best way to fix them. Both hygienist and dentist get an A+, I definitely recommend!

  13. R360HU1c84iUJn says:
    Irma T.
    Nov, 26th, 2017

    Never felt more comfortable as I did with Caitlin & Dr. Ali they truly made me feel welcomed & comfortable to start my treatment !

  14. R360IIX7rqCnBX says:
    Kamran T.
    Oct, 10th, 2017

    love our doc!

  15. R3607vWtzt1Eh2 says:
    Jennifer V.
    Oct, 2nd, 2017

    Always a pleasure. 😀

  16. R360F8KdHFkvVM says:
    Jennifer V.
    Sep, 4th, 2017

    I’ve been a patient at Family Smiles for 15 years and I’ve never had anything but 5-star experiences. Even when I moved away from Glenview, I refused to find a new dentist. At Family Smiles, you’re treated like family.

  17. R360TIfWqhnHcl says:
    Feb, 12th, 2017

    Awesome as always!!!

  18. R3602OE5fAuArj says:
    Alex T.
    Dec, 25th, 2016

    great doc