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  1. optimized360 says:
    Jul, 7th, 2017

    Excellent physician. I’ve been one of his bladder cancer patients for some 15 months. He impressed me with his caring attitude, taking time when required to explain treatment details and answer questions / concerns. His professionalism has me cancer free, confident, and happy. I strongly recommend his services.

  2. optimized360 says:
    Jul, 4th, 2017

    Doctor discussed honestly and to the point, with assurances that they were here if needed anytime.

  3. optimized360 says:
    Jul, 1st, 2017

    Prompt scheduling. Reasonable wait time. Fine service from nurse practitioner.

  4. optimized360 says:
    Apr, 2nd, 2017

    You bring joy back to people’s lives.

  5. optimized360 says:
    Apr, 1st, 2017

    Dr. Allen knows his stuff. I first thought he looked a little young to be my doctor but he proved he knows exactly what he is doing. Just a wonderful experience.

  6. optimized360 says:
    Apr, 1st, 2017

    All I can say is that Dr. Allen has me feeling better. What more could I ask for.

  7. optimized360 says:
    Mar, 27th, 2017

    I have been working with Dr. Allen for the past two years now. Each visit is good and he is the ultimate professional.

  8. optimized360 says:
    Mar, 26th, 2017

    Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for my mom. I have seen her go from miserable every day to being mobile again. You guys are absolutely awesome!!

  9. optimized360 says:
    M. Andrews
    Mar, 20th, 2017

    Dr. Allen was great! He performed my surgery in less than 30 minutes, was professional, and he played along with my horrible jokes to ease my nervousness.

  10. optimized360 says:
    Robert J.
    Mar, 12th, 2017

    Dr. Allen was through… answered our questions and had a great visit. Nice person.