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  1. R360PP1JybbvGL says:
    Florine M. V.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    I just love it. This is where I know I can trust.

  2. R360afR2z7thFy says:
    Orlanna T.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    Good experience with Dr. Catten and his staff. I’m glad I chose them to evaluate and treat my allergies.

  3. R360Q1CqusDknV says:
    Beverly H.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    For years our family has gone to UBMC…Every department has been excellent…and I think we have used every one of them in the past…No complaints at all from any of us…They are kind, caring, compassionate professionals…so grateful to have this facility and the wonderful staff. We love UBMC!

  4. R360MbVrXM3xIJ says:
    Rebecca M.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    Everyone at the o.b department was completely amazing I really enjoyed Michelle I think her name was keep up the great work guys.

  5. R360XJjCD2m9pW says:
    Cassandra R. N.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    I have always had wonderful caring people help me and my family. Thank you all so much!

  6. R360O8CO0LkGKo says:
    Jennifer H. R.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    Despite the fact that I was there for unfortunate reasons, the staff was polite and helpful. Dr. Syndergaard was very thorough and amazing, my anesthesiologist was fantastic! When I did have a question a few days later I was put through with syndergaard directly who took the time to answer my questions and explain things for me.

  7. R3607MnZLqAySg says:
    Anne R. R.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    Had to have surgery the nurses were great from the time I got there to the time I left. My RN Shalese and LPN Maddi were very comforting and very informative about my stay and recovery. My CNA Tosha was also awesome and there before I can ask for anything and as always Dr Cattan did a great job!!

  8. R360FU4rzXHXcj says:
    Ashley W.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    I love Dr. Wheeler and Juleese!! They’re always so nice and they genuinely care!

  9. R360WXsi65iu0B says:
    Caitrin S. D.
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    I get very nervous, its nearly a phobia, when seeing any doctor. I am also expecting my first baby this year and had no idea who would be the best for myself and baby during the pregnancy. So far Dr. Nolte and his staff have been great to work with, no matter the situation. He is very kind and patient, even when you know he’s had a long and possibly trying day. During a few ultra sounds he seemed just as excited as my husband and I. He can be quiet at times, if you want to know something do not be afraid to ask. He and his staff will listen intently and answer as best they can so you understand. His staff is very supportive and always seem happy to see you. I truly appreciate the long hours they put in, if needed for everyone they see. To me, they help you feel truly important, as an individual and not just another patient. Thank you for helping me become a little more comfortable with doctor visits and explaining anything I need to know thoroughly.