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  1. R360wG1iDMdfgB says:
    Dr. Victor Bustos, 3D Dentistry
    Mar, 21st, 2020

    After being completely disappointed and taken advantage of by another marketing firm, O360 delivered on what they promised.

    Joe K. was with me throughout the entire process. I called he answered. Matt C. kept up with my infinite questions and demands for website design and setup. Even on weekends. Chandra T. took care of not only billing questions and concerns but even helped add last-minute content to the website. Alec J. was very informative and patient as this was my first go-around with SEO and PPC.

    Thanks to them and all the other O360 team members I have a website and marketing plan that makes sense for me and my market.

    “Made With ❤ in California by O360”

    What a perfect closing to each page.

  2. 7865wpczar says:
    E. Rashford
    Feb, 13th, 2020

    We signed up with O360 around a year ago or so. The design process went pretty smooth and the site looked pretty good. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of our project manager but she was very nice and quick. We actually got good feedback from pateints too.

    A couple of months ago we had a little slow down at the office, so I contacted them to see if there is anything O360 can do for us. I talked to a gentleman named Alec or maybe Alex? (sorry). Apparently he is a dentist so it was very easy to talk to him. He suggested Google ads and also SEO work that apparently are two different things.

    It has been just a few months, but, considering the investment, I have to say I am very impressed. I never thought much of online marketing, but, now that I compare the result with other things we did, I am wondering why we spent that much on postcards and other ads.

    I think if you have a website and considering online marketing you should consider this company. They are very honest and transparent. I exactly know how much of my money goes to Google and what not. The ROI is fantastic. I would highly recommend them.

  3. R360MtXmHGzxWC says:
    Kids Dental Specialists
    Jan, 8th, 2020

    From our initial experience with Joe in setting up our new website to Suzanne’s assistance in building our new site exactly with the vision we wanted, and Alec in customizing our campaigns… we are thrilled we found O360! Professional, prompt, and experts in the services they provide. They have exceeded our expectations so far and are excited to see what our continued relationship with O360 brings!

  4. R360utTugLHvxb says:
    Attento Counseling Practice
    Nov, 25th, 2019

    I was able to work with Suzanne as my counseling practice (4 locations) went through a massive re-branding. Suzanne and her team were not only patient and willing to hear our specific needs, they were quick to respond and to learn more and more about our practices. In the end, it felt as if Suzanne was one of us! Her willingness to answer the small questions and to take the time to hear us out made me feel as if I was the most important person she was working with – and that’s a good thing! Edits were quick and accurate, Suzanne’s response was timely and helpful, overall I cannot give enough stars!

  5. R360wTCRLANWf3 says:
    John F. Como, D.D.S., P.C.
    Nov, 12th, 2019

    I’ve had a great experience with O360!! Suzanne L. has been a huge help to me from the very beginning. When I couldn’t decide if something looked right she was right there with spot on suggestions for color/design. Suzanne also has a super quick turnaround for any changes that need to be made. She has truly been a blessing for me during this process -Michelle G

  6. R360rEP3EKM9eV says:
    Massih Orthodontics
    Nov, 9th, 2019

    I’ve had a great experience with O360. Starting with Danny N who was so nice and took his time with me and my questions; then Jessica who was my website designer and was so patient with all of my requests and tweaks; I love my website!! More recently I’ve been experimenting with SEO and working with Joe K who is so nice and helpful and quick to get back to me if I have any questions. I also do AdWords with O360 and Alec J is very nice and always willing to help or answer questions I may have.

  7. 7865wpczar says:
    Hasan Zaidi
    Nov, 9th, 2019

    My website developer at O360 was Matthew C. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to describe my phenomenal experience with him. Just as I started the project with him, I unexpectedly lost a family member. Needless to say, this put my plans for a new website on an indefinite hold. When I was ready to resume the project, Matt was as understanding and patient as anyone could be. Throughout the entire process, he was prompt with his responses, an excellent communicator, and accommodated my numerous requests for changes. He clearly has a sound understanding of what works and what doesn’t with websites, particularly in my industry. You need a special personality to create websites which truly reflect upon the owner and his or her business. After numerous attempts with other website developers to find that connection, Matt at O360 delivered! I thank you Matt for so many months of working with me my new website is fantastic!

  8. R360wvafVdGwaq says:
    Joo H Yoo
    Nov, 9th, 2019

    Joe at O360 was extremely helpful during the whole procedure of opening up a website, as it can be a very stressful process. However, his response was always almost immediate and he would never leave you hanging! He was very informative and let me know exactly what to expect during the entire process.

  9. R360wO4kf7TIVV says:
    Mayuri Appareddy
    Nov, 9th, 2019

    Joe was really informative and helpful in getting me set up with my website design!

    I was connected with my designer Kiel B within a few days. My entire experience with o360 has been flawless, and I would highly recommend them. I LOVE my website!

  10. R360KZVxdjBdB0 says:
    Spring Dental Group
    Nov, 9th, 2019

    Joe K. has been very thorough and professional, always willing to provide the information we need to develop our custom web site. We have just completed the first phase of the home page design and will soon be moving on the develop the inner pages, forms, social media links and SEO content. This company’s work has been excellent.

  11. R360rx9nkSBgay says:
    Gyuricza & Hartman Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
    Sep, 11th, 2019

    There are so many wonderful things to say about O360. Working with Danny from sales, and Suzanne for web design, she was extremely patient, and accurate with helping to create our vision for a beautifully modern, and crisp website. Her responsive timing, as well her knowledge and experience has made such a difference during this process. We love the new website and cannot wait to receive feedback from our patients after our official launch.

  12. R360YNnGhXpxhz says:
    Professional Result!
    Jul, 23rd, 2019

    We recently engaged O360 to design our new website and are incredibly pleased with the outcome. Our Account Manager, Matthew C. did a terrific job, quickly responded to questions and revisions and was an absolute pleasure to work with. We would recommend partnering with O360 and Matthew C. to anyone who is looking for a top-notch experience and professional result!

  13. R3600DxFh8s0Iy says:
    May, 14th, 2019

    Wonderful response time. Interactions are always professional and timely!

  14. R36029E5N3zEtW says:
    Dr. Madden
    May, 11th, 2019

    I love working with Optimized 360! Charles B. Created two custom websites for me and I’m very happy with the results. He really tailors the sites to match my personality and services. Another important thing is that he is very efficient with his time and very responsive to my recommendations. It’s difficult to find a company that can provide beautiful, custom, unique results in a very efficient time frame. I get lots of great feedback about how easy my site is to use and how appealing it is. My ranking is very high on SEO because they know how to integrate search engine optimization features. You can’t go wrong with O360. Danny, my customer service rep, is amazing and offers generous deals! View DoctorMadden.com or MaddenDental.com to see their masterpieces! Thanks, O360!

  15. R360HAeMKqqSTm says:
    Christine O.
    May, 6th, 2019

    We used Optimized360 to build a new website and we are very happy with the work. Charles B was our website designer and he was great. He took time to understand what we wanted and built a website that fit our needs. He was also very patient and pleasant to work with.

  16. R360zlftKT5lO5 says:
    Katie E
    Apr, 16th, 2019

    Wow! So impressed with the entire process! We were shopping around for a new website provider that was more up to date compared to what we were using and Optimized360 blew everyone else out of the water! We worked directly with Suzanne and our communication from Day 1 was excellent!! She made sure I understood what was happening with our website and did any and all of the changes I needed! I was not aware of how many ins and outs there are for a new website being built and they made the whole process so smooth! We got a fun and professional website that fits our team culture! Thank you so much Optimized360!!

  17. R36074OfxovjHY says:
    Ruth Awah, FNP-BC
    Mar, 4th, 2019

    My experience with optimizes360 has been nothing but excellent. I was working directly with Charles B and he was extremely helpful through the entire process. He was very responsive and timely with implementing all the necessary updates that was recommended by my team and I. I could not have asked for a better point of contact than Charles. I will definitely recommend not only the company O360 but would recommend asking to be linked with Charles B. as your point of contact. He will make this stressful process very smooth for you and your team.

  18. R360sZAq8DS5zG says:
    Alicia G.
    Feb, 26th, 2019

    We are so impressed with Optimized360! From initial contact through the entirety of the project, the team was communicative, detailed, and professional. We first spoke with Danny N., he was transparent and listened to our requests by then providing us with a personalized project proposal based on our needs. Throughout the project, we worked with our designer, Suzanne L. who consistently showed outstanding customer service. She was responsive, efficient, and delivered a website that directly reflected our requests. By far the most professional, efficient, and honest website dev company I have ever worked with – I could not recommend the team at Optimized360 more!!

  19. R360hKuNvAEX3T says:
    Feb, 24th, 2019

    I have been impressed with the prompt, clear communication with Charles, and his ability to grasp a vision for the website! Thank you, Charles, for your attention to detail and responsiveness.

  20. R360qTFcco5oRi says:
    Jen @ Luxe Women's Health
    Feb, 22nd, 2019

    I had excellent results using Optimized360 for my new medical practice website design. All options that were discussed were delivered as promised. I’m happy with the unique design of the website (from scratch) and was not made from a template and that it is exclusive to our practice. It was evident throughout the process that Optimized360 specializes in medical/dental practice design which was very important for my needs. The entire process from initial discussions with Danny to the finalizing of my new website was a smooth transaction. My designer, Suzanne was very attentive to my design needs and responded promptly to my requests. I highly recommend the team at Optimized360.

  21. R360sbU2R5egGi says:
    Dan Haseman
    Feb, 1st, 2019

    Perfect! So glad we chose Optimized 360!

    Charles B. and Danny N. at Optimized 360 are awesome, they really took care of the process of creating and designing a new website that not only looks great, but transitions great, loads super fast and is secure! They have great customer service skills, respond quickly and are great at what they do!

    A+++++ highly recommend!

  22. R360Be8KalLz9U says:
    The BEST Experience!
    Jan, 17th, 2019

    Optimized360 is top notch when it comes to medical web design. Danny, our account manager has been very helpful and informative, giving us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. Charles, our extremely talented designer has done nothing but exceptional work. He had our website up and running in just a few short months. Although we threw him a few curve balls and demanded quite a bit of attention, he was patient and treated us as if we were his only client. His patience and understanding was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend O360 for medical web design. https://bevhills.com

    Thank you O360 team!

  23. R360Nq8ILJMPCY says:
    Top Notch
    Jan, 11th, 2019

    Optimized360 is top notch when it comes to medical web design. Danny, our account manager has been very helpful and informative, giving us all the information we needed to make an informed decision. Charles, our extremely talented designer has done nothing but exceptional work. He had our website up and running in just a few short months. Although we threw him a few curve balls and did demand quite a bit of attention, he was patient and treated us as if we were his only client. His patience and understanding was greatly appreciated. We highly recommend O360 for medical web design.

    Thank you O360 team!

  24. R360k3q1d85atm says:
    Dec, 31st, 2018

    O360 brought the vision for our new site to life. I worked with Charles B. throughout the entire process and despite all of our change requests and delays in decision making – he stayed patient, kind and helpful the entire time. He was a pleasure to work with and helped us achieve a beautiful, functional site. We’re very pleased with our new site and its something we proud to have as a first representation of our practice.

  25. R360TRZ9QMWVSL says:
    Dan W
    Nov, 5th, 2018

    I chose Optimized 360 for building a custom website for my new dental practice. Their team including Charles B listened carefully to what I had in mind, and brought my vision to life over the course of a couple of weeks. I had a very specific idea of what I wanted and the team had no problem working with me to build a truly CUSTOM design. There are no templates which is great.

    Charles B was very attentive to my changes going through multiple rounds of drafts to the website and the answer was always yes. I thank him for going through many phone conversations and giving me as much time as I needed to relay my thoughts.

    One of the best parts is that this developer provides clients with a powerful website editor suite that allows me to make minor or major changes to the website in seconds, which is something that was very important to me – not a given with other companies.

    Thank you!

  26. R360NHtSzDitSB says:
    Nov, 5th, 2018

    Optimized 360 and Charles were wonderful to work with. They guided us through the web creating process and came up with a wonderful site. You won’t be disappointed if you choose this company.

  27. R360YivVcWcChs says:
    Jen H
    Sep, 13th, 2018

    We used (and continue to use) Optimized360 to build and maintain the website for our dental practice. We have been very pleased with their service. Charles B created a beautiful and functional (easily navigated) website for us out of very little information from us. He then modified it to represent us perfectly! He responded promptly and really captured our vision and made it a reality. We are very pleased!

  28. R3602KoELfBHaD says:
    Anderson Family Dental
    Sep, 6th, 2018

    Working in the healthcare field, I understand the importance of a professional, up to date website (which can translate in a patient’s mind to a professional, up to date office), as well as the value in SEO optimization. We worked with Charles B, and we are thrilled with the result. Our website is extremely functional, looks high-end, and we have had great communication with Charles B. regarding any changes or updates. We highly recommend both Charles B. and Optimized360 to any healthcare professional looking for exceptional quality and service in developing their website.

  29. R360b2P0RehR71 says:
    Clear Smiles
    Sep, 4th, 2018

    A Big Thanks to the team at Optimized360 for developing our website. Chandra is always quick to respond to questions and edit requests, and the creative team does awesome work.

  30. R360udb7l1qGBc says:
    Tao Cosmetics
    Aug, 30th, 2018

    I will start by saying that selecting a web developer for any business can be overwhelming and stressful. After reviewing and evaluating multiple companies we selected O360.

    The business relationship started off great although there were ups and downs with the process. The primary downs were timing and communication issues.

    There were times where the frustration really mounted with our 1st contact/consultant which had us experiencing buyers remorse but the situation was ultimately resolved when Charles B. came into the picture as our new account manager.

    Charles B. Diligently worked to resolve all issues with our web design and made certain that our finished product was in line with our vision. He took the time to listen, understand and deliver a quality product. Working with Charles B. you never get a no, instead you get action and the genuine attempt to resolve your concern or issue. If he can’t immediately resolve he ensures the O360 team gets it done. In our practice, like any business, time is valuable and can not be wasted on repeat concerns/problems.

    In all, Optimized360 will deliver a quality product for a very reasonable price point. Expect some ups and downs and if your starting out ask for Charles B. to be your account manager which I guarantee will save you a few headaches down the road.

  31. R360n4Vm1i9hQA says:
    Richardson Psychiatric Associates
    Aug, 30th, 2018

    It has been a great experience over the past year working with O360. We love our website and new patients to our office almost always reference the website as to how they discovered our practice. Charles B has been amazing and extremely helpful. He is always friendly and quickly responds to our requests every time. It is pleasure working with him. Thank you Charles B.

  32. R3600x0ZukWjhw says:
    Aug, 17th, 2018

    Optimized 360 is great! Always friendly and quick to address any changes I want, especially Charles B. 😁

  33. R360aq56Y6SQWo says:
    Thank you!
    Aug, 14th, 2018

    Charles was very responsive and helpful with recent issues I faced when editing and updating our Endodontic Group’s website! Highly recommend Optimized360 to anyone who is looking to better their web presence!

  34. R360hlJCtoQ0lx says:
    Foley Dental Office and Ramsey Dental Center
    Aug, 9th, 2018

    We recently became new clients of O360 and are in the process of creating a permanent website. For the most part our experience has been good with a few “bumps” along the way. However, we recently started working with Derrick as our contact and consultant for the website and have had a much more immediate response time and resolution on our requests and input. He is so professional in his correspondence and we really feel he is giving careful consideration to everything we ask of him!!

  35. R36044uJKVKEwJ says:
    Apr, 18th, 2018

    Everyone at Optimized360 has been a pleasure to work with. Our new site is beautiful and is everything we hoped for!

  36. R3609B3qVqGzmA says:
    Niile (All-in) Home Care
    Apr, 5th, 2018

    It has been a rewarding investment to have had Optimized360 design and publish our company website. I regularly interfaced with the company representatives – Charles B (Sr. Web Designer) and Vivian G. (Sr. Marketer), who in our experience are the benchmark for professionals in their respective fields. Their attention to detail and the fact they never failed to deliver on any promise. Sincerely, If you’re considering website build and management, be braced for the Optimized360 best experience. Just imagine, we count our relationship with Optimized360 a great addition to our company. I look forward to working with them for years to come.

  37. R360glUChUSHsy says:
    Sam B.
    Feb, 14th, 2018

    I am very impressed with Optimized 360! Both Ralph R. and Charles B. have been extremely responsive and so helpful with answering any questions I have had and explaining the whole process of website redesign thoroughly to me. Absolutely would recommend Optimized 360 to anyone wanting to modernize or revamp their website.

  38. Paul Wohlgemuth says:
    Paul Wohlgemuth
    Feb, 3rd, 2018

    After having a website with a cookie cutter web design company, I decided to take the leap into a custom site with Optimized 360. I will tell you I couldn’t be happier with that choice. From initial design to going live they were total professionals and highly competent in all phases. Danny and his team answered all of my questions during the entire process and were easily accessible by e-mail or a quick call when I had an idea or change to the design. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my colleagues for web design and support services. But I can tell you that I will not be letting my competition know about them LOL.

  39. Mark Ajlouni says:
    Mark Ajlouni
    Feb, 3rd, 2018

    O360 is next level!! I hired them for my new website and they delivered. They delivered what they promised and blew away my expectations. To make it even better, I’m working with Brent to manage my SEO and do some marketing on a Google and the results are extremely good. Getting new patients the first week of our campaign. My dental office is dominating San Jose and I have Brent to thank. Definitely the best company and crew I’ve worked with in my 25 years of owning a dental office. Keep up the great work!!

  40. R360PXGf0KaMna says:
    Keyur Bhagat
    Jan, 30th, 2018

    They designed my website and did an amazing job on it. Great customer service as well and responds within 24 hours. Thank you!

  41. R360e4xT5aqpzQ says:
    Mark Ajlouni, DDS.
    Jan, 11th, 2018

    The entire team at Optimized360 blew me away. The professionalism and attention to detail to deliver exactly what i wanted. Desirae was phenomenal to work with and was in constant communication to provide updates. Site was completed on time and brought my vision to life. Great Job!!

  42. R360a6bJDnEki3 says:
    Kelly Maupin / Parker Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
    Jan, 3rd, 2018

    We have been very pleased with the constant support provided by Optimized 360 in helping us build our amazing new website. Our Art Director, Jessica C., was so prompt in replying to all our meticulous requests and always made sure our changes were addressed in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to a deliver a top-notch, clean, modern looking website who truly cares about your satisfaction in the end.

  43. R360AnVQBv2dlZ says:
    Dec, 14th, 2017

    Working with Charles at optimized 360 has been amazing. First they cost about 35% of what other companies charge. Second he built a PERFECT website on the first try and has tirelessly worked to continuously change it to meet our specifications. Overall couldn’t be happy or recommend Charles/Optimized 360 more!!! P.S. (we are a medical doctors office)

  44. Thank you Charles says:
    Thank you Charles!
    Dec, 6th, 2017

    Working with Charles at optimized 360 has been amazing. First they cost about 35% of what other companies charge. Second he built a PERFECT website on the first try and has tirelessly worked to continuously change it to meet our specifications. Overall couldn’t be happy or recommend Charles/Optimized 360 more!!! P.S. (we are a medical doctors office)

  45. R360vmAiLNJGTl says:
    Nov, 14th, 2017

    Excellent communication and follow up by the entire team! Catherine stays on top of any edits!

  46. Downing Dental says:
    DowningSt Dental
    Sep, 6th, 2017

    We were ready to change up our website management, and decided to give Optimized 360 a shot. Danny and Jan were amazing and a pleasure to work with!! We were able to migrate our site over within a weeks’ notice.They were very responsive and on the ball to say the least!! We were obviously concerned about interruptions, which caused some slight hesitation…Happy to report that we had zero downtime on the site and no issues to date. By far the most efficient website company I have encountered in my career. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a change…totally worth it!

  47. Shilpa Pankaj says:
    Shilpa Pankaj
    Sep, 6th, 2017

    Our practice has been working with this company for a few years now, and we have had a great experience. They have really helped to set our website apart with a custom design and have been very responsive with their customer support. We have now expanded to utilizing them for our SEO and blog. I have enjoyed working with the whole team.

  48. Dr. Pendelton says:
    D. Pendelton
    Aug, 14th, 2017

    I highly recommend Optimized 360. Jessica C worked with me during the customization process. She was very helpful with every aspect of the design which concluded with a fantastic website and a brand new up to date logo. Thank you OPTIMIZED 360 and JESSICA C.

  49. Bryan Allen says:
    Bryan Allen
    Aug, 6th, 2017

    I highly recommend O360. My experience has been outstanding. My new website has been a huge success with patients and colleagues. This company has my highest recommendation.

  50. Grand Hilton says:
    Grand Hilton
    Jun, 14th, 2017

    I work with web and marketing companies every single day and my experience with Optimized 360 was second to none! I was personally working with Danny and he treated me like I was his only priority! He responded quickly, kept me in the loop, and above all, was a complete professional…. needless to say the finished product was executed perfectly! Optimized 360 is an awesome company and their customer service and product are the epitome of this! I can’t wait to work with them again!

  51. R360HvIZReP2iU says:
    May, 10th, 2017

    I asked this company to help me with my website. But, I am not sure about it. It is not just this company, I really think the whole online marketing thing is a scam. I have never seen anyone actually getting patients from their website, ever. I prefer to put ads on the Yellow Pages. I think that works better

  52. Hoang Tu says:
    Hoang Tu
    Feb, 5th, 2017

    I’ll be the first to admit: I don’t know the first thing about websites. I type in words into a box and they appear. All I knew was that I needed one for my business, and was referred to O360 by a close professional friend. For someone who gets intimidated at the thought of signing up for an e-mail, this was perfect! Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff took me through the steps to help me get exactly what I wanted, and taught me all the steps I needed to know to maintain it myself. I can’t say enough how happy I am with their service. Thank you!

  53. Kathy Vu says:
    Kathy Vu
    Dec, 19th, 2016

    I am really impressed by Optimized360’s quality work and marketing expertise they have done for us.

  54. R360tOJIeHqunM says:
    Artisan Dental
    Oct, 24th, 2016

    Another great “outside the box” adaptation of our website to incorporate our new Google See Inside video.
    Thanks for your open-minded creativity!

  55. David Lee says:
    David Lee
    Sep, 9th, 2016

    My website looks great. Thank you Optimized 360! I had an old website I hated, they did such a good job creating something that I like and is true to the spirit of our practice.

  56. R360XA2hXVTa7J says:
    Aug, 25th, 2016

    Great response time.

  57. ackie M says:
    Jackie M
    Aug, 9th, 2016

    One of the best companies I have every worked with. Caring people who listen. Thumbs up to the team at O360.

  58. R3600vreJtvRWN says:
    Sandy @ Bates Dental
    Jul, 28th, 2016

    Love our new website. Started off a little rocky, but very quick to get us all on the same page. Very quick to make any adjustment and changes as needed as well.

  59. R3600yFhAKRWyg says:
    Jun, 24th, 2016

    Optimized has been very responsive. We are happy with all of the changes you have helped us make.

  60. R360cvU3sjrCuR says:
    Dr. Patel
    Jun, 6th, 2016

    This place was a okay.

  61. R360yGJqZR9uIE says:
    Dr Fedorciw
    May, 13th, 2016

    Promises kept!

  62. R360ls0PjGyeSg says:
    Paul H. Kim, DDS
    Apr, 15th, 2016

    Their tech support is awesome and prompt. I have been with Optimized360 for several years for my dental practice website, and they have always been great and supportive of my needs. Thank you.

  63. R360wR9hOhY7ji says:
    Dr. Shiva
    Dec, 25th, 2015

    Optimized 360 has done a beautiful job creating my website. I am grateful for their amazing creative work, and rapid response to all my questions, requests, and ongoing changes to my new website. They are an absolute pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend Optimized 360.

  64. trilee says:
    Dr. David
    Dec, 23rd, 2015

    I use Optimized 360 for my medical websites. They have done a phenomenal job, my patients love the websites (as do I). Sandie has created a beautiful website for me. Belinda the creative director is simply a genius and super hard working! I appreciate all their work especially because I’m pretty specific and demanding with what I want, and Optimized 360 has delivered pretty much everything I could ask for. Highly recommended!!!

  65. trilee says:
    Madhuri Kavi
    Nov, 20th, 2015

    Very pleased! Justin Nigro was the first person I spoke to. He followed up very professionally after our first talk.. Then he helped me by introducing to Mitchell who was the designer for my website. Mitchell was very good from the start and very willing to work with me , my needs and ideas during my website design. I highly recommend Optimized 360. They are awesome!

  66. trilee says:
    Nicole Andersen
    Oct, 3rd, 2015

    We have been with Optimized for 1.5 years now and we are continually impressed by their quick turn around times on edits to our website. The are infinitely patient with questions small and large and had a variety of insightful suggestions for the evolution of the website in light of growth we are experiencing as a company that would further highlight our strengths. It is also refreshing to encounter an organization that understands the challenges and opportunities of operating a small business. We grateful we have them as a partner.

  67. trilee says:
    Rabih Kashouty
    Aug, 11th, 2015

    I truly enjoyed working with Optimized360, great service, very professional staff. I worked with Mitchell, and he is amazing, knows exactly what I want. Thank you Mitchell for all your hard work and dedication, I would definitely recommend you to all my other colleagues.

  68. trilee says:
    Dr Simon Park, Avenue Dental Group
    Jun, 14th, 2015

    Been working with them for 8 years. All my websites and SEO have been great. Amazing experience and helpful. I can reach them 24 hours a day and a get answers to all my questions. Danny and his staff ROCK. DR Simon

  69. trilee says:
    Bobbe Knutz
    Apr, 8th, 2015

    Optimized 360 is a great company to work with and Michael did a great job helping us get exactly what we needed.

  70. trilee says:
    Diana Dental
    Feb, 28th, 2015

    We are very satisfied with our web design. Our experience with optimized 360 has been nothing but positive. Danny and the team are very efficient and pleasant to deal with. Would highly recommend their services.

  71. trilee says:
    Lori Aini
    Feb, 18th, 2015

    I have been a customer of O360’s for a few years now and their customer service is still exceptional. We recently had some office updates to our email and practice staff. Optimized360 was extremely helpful in working with us to set up Outlook for all employees and even provided us with an upgraded editor to make completing changes on our website that much easier. Kudos to Dawn who really took the time to make sure we understood everything and if we had any questions, she was always there to help! 🙂

  72. trilee says:
    Michael Kampourakis
    Jan, 24th, 2015

    I have worked with this company for many years, I have changed my website a couple of times over the years and people like Olivia, Danny and their support staff have been exceptional and attentive to my needs. Being a novice to social media and the ever changing google, I have learned a significant amount of knowledge which has helped me be active with my website, links to blog, facebook etc. which in a matter of a couple of weeks have helped me move from up in google rankings and resulted in more new patients. I have recommended them highly to several of my colleagues and will continuously do so.

  73. trilee says:
    Arlene Espinoza
    Sep, 11th, 2014

    Bella Vida Healthcare Clinic along with myself have been working with Optimized for a few years now and have had nothing but excellent service! As Bella Vida’s marketing manager, Op360 is always available to answer my questions, hear my concerns, and above all does an excellent job managing our site! I Highly recommend them for your business!