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8100 Boone Boulevard Suite 110
Vienna, VA 22182

+1 703-638-0091

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  1. optimized360 says:
    Amanda R.
    Sep, 19th, 2018

    NewEra is the best place for non-surgical skin treatment in Virginia. My friend told me about this place and the doctor is very cooperative 🙂

  2. optimized360 says:
    Kinza R.
    Sep, 19th, 2018

    Dr. Liliana is very sweet and caring. I had my skin resurfacing and she was very skillful.

  3. optimized360 says:
    Melanie Eisenschmidt
    Sep, 19th, 2018

    NewEra Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center is beautiful place and very clean. The staff is very cooperative and friendly.

  4. optimized360 says:
    Aug, 20th, 2018

    NewEra Medical Aesthetics and Laser Center has a beautiful interior and neat place.

  5. optimized360 says:
    Sandler Adam.
    Jul, 28th, 2018

    My skin is looking amazaing now. I feel younger. I will come back again. Would Recommend!!

  6. optimized360 says:
    Charlotte R.
    May, 9th, 2018

    Dr. Liliana is super caring and does best what she do!

  7. optimized360 says:
    PJ Brown
    May, 5th, 2018

    Dr. Liliana Manrique is Super Talented Physician.

  8. optimized360 says:
    Kathy Shea
    Mar, 4th, 2018

    Dr. Liliana is incredible!

  9. optimized360 says:
    kylie Smith
    Dec, 14th, 2017

    The staff was very nice and caring. Dr. Liliana has a lot of experience in aesthetic medicine. I just love her <3

  10. optimized360 says:
    Dr. Carmen Cote
    Sep, 1st, 2017

    I had threads placed in my face by Dr. Manrique. The result is amazing, I look like 20 years younger! I can’t thank enough Dr. Manrique. With her magic hands, good care and the excellent products she uses and recommends my life has changed. I definitively recommend her work.
    I am super happy!