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  1. R360slu8PGCzln says:
    Jeff B.
    Mar, 27th, 2017

    I had a very good experience with GATE. My procedure was in Walnut Creek which was also a great staff. My appt was originally with another doctor, but I had a screw up on my calendar. He asked another doctor to perform the procedure. Thanks for the effort.

  2. R360dUrJTa2Ywn says:
    Wing C.
    Mar, 2nd, 2017

    Love that they always get back to my questions quick. My doctor is very knowledgeable and I love that he calls me back personally to answer my questions. I trust that my doctor and his staffs will help me improve my health.

  3. R360tB1jmikkRg says:
    Garcia, Rachel
    Feb, 22nd, 2017

    The staff is wonderful very helpful. The doctor is great he explains every thing and spends time with his patients.

  4. R360G77rlwohwd says:
    Garcia, Rachel
    Feb, 22nd, 2017

    Staff is wonderful and so is the Dr.

  5. R360RE7frbbhtX says:
    Jan, 31st, 2017

    Quick, fast and efficient. Would come back and reccomend

  6. R360erwug5tieT says:
    Martin M
    Dec, 22nd, 2016

    This office is A+ in every respect – efficient, personable, expert in their diagnoses, overall medical knowledge, adept in their procedures. I’ve been with my doctor for many years and been first rate in every respect. This is state of the art American medical care at its finest.

  7. R360rfoII2xfI4 says:
    Ed Rimer
    Dec, 20th, 2016

    My doctor was thorough, professional, and very responsive to my concern about continuing to take Prilosec. I continue to be impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He recommended that I try Pepcid and see if that works. I am most confident in his guidance on this complicated issue.

  8. R360p79gj69ohj says:
    Susan Clifford
    Nov, 14th, 2016

    My experience with my doctor and his staff has been excellent. I appreciate their knowledge and understanding, which is directly responsible for my improved health. Thank you!

  9. R36052shufBVt5 says:
    Ruth Bardakci
    Oct, 31st, 2016

    I am very pleased with every aspect of my appts in this office.
    Everyone is friendly and helpful.
    The décor is pleasant.
    I’m very comfortable and at ease because of the people and atmosphere

  10. R360Mpzdmn2YeP says:
    Oct, 12th, 2016

    My doctor is caring and efficient

  11. R360yT8wwtp53B says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Service=absolutely excellent

  12. R360yoNfdpYLjO says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    My doctor is the best. She takes care to see you through a problem.

  13. R360KhrHRRxGif says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Doctor has lots of experience

  14. R36048nzWwuL0m says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    They have a great attitude. Everything is perfect.

  15. R360WG6xW2s2zY says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    My doctor is great!

  16. R360lNrwELWmmK says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Knowledgable, friendly.

  17. R360HKmmETj8z4 says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Gave clear explanations related specifically to my health conditions and concerns. Reassuring and objective.

  18. R360Te3XrJM42i says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Courteous, professional, articulate

  19. R36087h4g8vLKE says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Keep doing what you’re doing, great job!

  20. R3605r6CVVSVvb says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Excellent service!

  21. R3604N53lUVfjK says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Terrific office, terrific doctor!

  22. R360wiEuvHbHQP says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Comfortable environment, excellent treatment, and willing to answer questions

  23. R360IXOtjRzB0U says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    My doctor is extremely thorough. She has a wonderful bedside manner and is extremely detailed and intelligent. Felt extremely comfortable with her.

  24. R360gmpgceQgnn says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    I have good care with my doctor.

  25. R3604u4uKdPTe1 says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    You rock!

  26. R360GSMYDhz8Oh says:
    Oct, 10th, 2016

    Was very happy.

  27. R360TzQJdN86ea says:
    Oct, 5th, 2016

    My doctor always spends enough time w/me and is very thorough reviewing my tests and current condition. I rarely have to wait in the office to see her and her staff seems very efficient.

  28. R360d2F5RIuFy9 says:
    Oct, 5th, 2016

    My doctor is fantastic. Reassuring, thorough, and attentive. Staff is efficient and kind.

  29. R360c7sMXssyDW says:
    Oct, 5th, 2016

    My doctor is the most understanding doctor and is very thorough. Her new assistant Nicole always has a smile on her face and never seems annoyed. Great job to this office!

  30. R36027Y1GaPtlX says:
    willie posey
    Oct, 3rd, 2016

    from walking into the office it is a welcomed atmosphere from receptionist the wait was minimal and the ma was there for me shortly after the dr shows up then there is a plan of treatment in about 20 mins.

  31. R360pR533Xycm7 says:
    Sep, 30th, 2016

    Comfortable, efficient office with great staff

  32. R360imhkNBoAr4 says:
    linda w.
    Sep, 29th, 2016

    My doctor is very thorough and concise with his pt. I like him as a MD.

  33. R3609tj3vtpJtP says:
    Sep, 29th, 2016

    extremely friendly and helpful. kind and understanding. interested in what was best for you and tried to find ways to solve the issue without going straight to medicine

  34. R36040lRMOw1OI says:
    Sep, 29th, 2016

    great doc and office staff. the best!!!

  35. R360fO7T9DpaE6 says:
    Sep, 28th, 2016

    I have been a long term patient and I wouldn’t go any place else. My doctor and his staff has been great throughout all these year. No problems at all.

  36. R360pm5PnVrVKG says:
    Sep, 27th, 2016

    My doctor is very detailed with me. I really enjoy her as my doctor. The wait is not bad rather when I go to other offices.

  37. R36005UR2VgQLa says:
    Sep, 27th, 2016

    My doctor is wonderful and amazing doctor. Interesting in helping you in every way! I wish ALL Doctors were like her. Compassionate in every way. Her assistant Nicole makes me feel comfortable every time I come in

    Joseph C

  38. optimized360 says:
    Mochi N.
    Sep, 2nd, 2016

    For those of you referred by your physicians to this place, I personally had a very positive experience, and I would not hesitate to give them a ring. My doctor met with me, even though I was 15 minutes late to my appointment (apparently, there is a parking lot where they validate–I did not know this). It’s not like he’s a cuddly teddy bear personality, but I like efficient people with a dry sense of humor.

    I loved his team at the Endoscopy Center in Walnut Creek. Could not have asked for a more empathetic nurse, genius anesthesiologist, and many other supporting staff with warmth and love. They abated my fear, and what more, the procedure itself was over in 30 min! You do have to get there an hour in advance to run the IV and such, so calculate total of 2 hours. Yes, they charge $200 if you need to cancel your colonoscopy without 2-week notice, but looking at the team they need to gather, I think that’s totally reasonable.

  39. optimized360 says:
    Maud S.
    May, 19th, 2016

    I would give my doctor and his assistant 10 stars if I could.

    I have been impressed by their care, he gives me calls every week to check on me, has referred to his colleagues when he thought he didn’t have enough experience on a procedure, has always made sure that I wouldn’t wait weeks for exams…. And I only saw him once.

    I am grateful I am being taken care by such an exceptional human being!

  40. optimized360 says:
    Joel R.
    Apr, 29th, 2016

    I am a patient for almost 10 years, my doctor is extremely professional, very high knowledge, caring, strongly recommended to any patient regardless of age or gender.

    Her support staff is as equally as outstanding within the office, answer question promptly, return call in timely manner and do not make thousands dollars billing mistake blaming the insurance for it, peace of mind has no price.

  41. optimized360 says:
    Mar, 3rd, 2016

    Always great service, listens to my concerns, advises with knowledge, and makes easily understood recommendations for treatment, with options where available. Very competent and thorough. Up to date on modern advances in the field.

  42. optimized360 says:
    Edward F.
    Jul, 26th, 2015

    My experience and care with my doctor is phenomenal. His exceptional, knowledgable care has completely changed and saved my life with CD. Coping with the most upmost precise care, has completely changed my well being and eating healthy. My doctor is very open to alternative care, that can or help improve the quality of life. Truly this doctor and his medical team are informative, direct, clear, trustworthy, supportive and caring. I would highly recommend him and his team. I’m very grateful for his remarkable care.


  43. optimized360 says:
    Elizabeth T.
    Oct, 24th, 2014

    I have Ulcerative Colitis and have been with my doctor for a while now and I have not complains. She is very thorough and always gives me the best case and worst case scenario. She gives you latest tests and research information. When I ended up in the hospital, she followed through and was there for support. Appreciate her and definitely recommend her for GI Disease plus her assistant Nicole is also great. Always there for me. Oh yeah, I see her at the Walnut Creek Office.

  44. optimized360 says:
    Nancy C.
    Jul, 31st, 2014

    A great doctor, very knowledgeable, polite, patient, and caring.

    I was referred to her by my primary doctor mainly because of constant stomach pain 5 years ago. Since I had other health issues at the time, I was kind of nervous before I saw her the first time — I was not sure if I could explain well enough about my complex health situation. During the 30 minutes with my doctor, she was super attentive and her examination was very thorough. She really put me at ease, explained the possible causes of my pains, and procedure details that she liked to do on me. She is very friendly, thorough, professional and honest. She referred me to a sub-specialist at CPMC in San Francisco when she felt that I could be better taken care of on one of my specific health problems. She made me comfortable and understood what was going on.

    She is extremely dedicated to her work and caring for her patient. She once called me about my CT scan result at the evening hour right before Thanksgiving while she was on vacation. She told me that she logged into the hospital system, saw my result came out that afternoon and it was negative. I was so relieved…

    She is one of best doctor that I have met and I am very pleased to have her as my doctor.

    Thank you!

  45. optimized360 says:
    Karen Delaney
    Jun, 14th, 2014

    My doctor is the greatest doctor that I have come across in the last 33 years. She is my husband’s doctor and she has been so detail oriented thru his illness over the past 1 1/2 years. She has never given up at all. She has always kept on going thru his illness and procedures. She made it possible to diagnose my husband after about 5 years of seeing different doctors. My children and my self are so thankful for her due to her tenacity and never giving up on finding my husbands illness!! My husband has been dealing with this illness for the last 12 years now. 12 years of his illness and about 8 different doctors, my husband has finally received some relief!!! So, I want to tell everyone out there that if you need and want to get answers about your illness then please see GATE! You will be so thankful and really get answers that you want and need too. A huge thank you, you have made life much healthier and happier for my husband and my whole family!! Don’t forget that my dcotor never gives up on her patients and always follows thru all the way to the end. Karen Delaney

  46. optimized360 says:
    Jennifer Craig
    Apr, 25th, 2014

    I first went to my doctor many years ago when working for an Internist in Berkeley, CA. I was extremely impressed with her ability to explain details of procedures, diagnosis and prognosis. Now I live in the Sierra Foothills and still travel the 3 hours to see her. She is excellent on call group should they ever be needed. 5 stars!

  47. optimized360 says:
    Mar, 24th, 2010

    My doctor is great. I have never seen another Gastroenterologist, and am grateful my Family Doctor referred me to him. He is the first male Physician I have ever had, so I was apprehensive at first, but I was quickly set as ease. The Gastroenterologist is not anyones favorite to see as it is, and he quickly put me at ease. He is extremely smart, easy to talk to do, really listens to your history, and makes every effort to thoroughly and quickly find a diagnosis and treatment/cure to the problem. I have not one complaint about the doctor, I would recommend him to anyone I know. He has appointments available in the late afternoon, so I never have to miss work, so its very convenient. His front desk receptionist (Nicki? Nicole?) is a dream. Even when she is swamped, she’s smiling and sweet, and at 5pm, she greets me like I’m the first person she has seen of the day. He also has a Medical Assistant (Lisa) that has diligently helped me get my needed prescriptions that require special and hard to get authorizations from my terrible insurance company, and always helps me when Im having problems.