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  1. optimized360 says:
    Jesus O
    Mar, 24th, 2017

    Dr. Cory has been my dentist for for the past 4 years at his practice Beyond Dental. I had a very hard case with and open bite that looked impossible to fix. Any ortho specialist would have never figured how to close the bite. Dr. Cory managed to bring my bite down over time. My teeth never used to touch at the front but now they do. Dr. Cory made the impossible, possible. Dr. Cory works extremely hard on each of his patients, but also enjoys his job to help people have better teeth. Beyond Dental is ran by the best ortho specialist, Dr. Cory and his amazing staff. I recommend Beyond Dental to anyone that wants to receive the best oral care possible.

  2. optimized360 says:
    Barry M
    Mar, 11th, 2017

    Due to my longevity upon this earth, I’ve had the time to visit with many dentists in many states. Some Good, Some Not So Good. Cory Nguyen is in a league of his own! He excels in knowledge, skill and professionalism. Because of my many prior experiences, I know a good Dentist when I encounter one – Dr. Nguyen happens to be that man. Anyone would certainly be pleased with his services. He is not only quick, but it’s a pleasure being in his presence. Not to forget the tremendous STAFF!; I take my recommendations seriously, and I SERIOUSLY RECOMMEND this practice! You will be happy you did too. My wife also concurs with this evaluation.

  3. optimized360 says:
    Debbie L
    Mar, 2nd, 2017

    My family and I have been seeing Dr. Cory Nguyen for years. I don’t think I’ve ever met a dentist more passionate about his work. My toddler boys actually look forward to their appointments. I always feel at ease during all my treatments. Thank you Dr. Cory and staff!! Can’t recommend highly enough.

  4. optimized360 says:
    Phillip H
    Feb, 19th, 2017

    Absolutely Friendly Staff! Great experience

  5. optimized360 says:
    Katie C.
    Feb, 15th, 2017

    I have been going here for almost 2 years now. I just got my braces off three days ago, and I am so happy. My teeth look amazing and I don’t grind my teeth at night anymore. Dr. Cory and his staff are wonderful and I’ve even starting taking my 5-year-old son there! Definitely recommend!!

  6. optimized360 says:
    Matthew B.
    Feb, 10th, 2017

    Great staff! Very friendly and they truly know what they are doing. They’ll take good care of your teeth and you’ll leave satisfied. I’ll be going here for now on! 😁

  7. optimized360 says:
    Mai. Y.
    Feb, 8th, 2017

    The Best Dental Place!! This is a FIVE STAR Office. Dr. Cory Nguyen is very knowledgeable in his work and is very good with kids. Everyone makes you feel like family and that is most important when it comes to Your Dental Health!!

  8. optimized360 says:
    Juwanna J.
    Feb, 1st, 2017

    I love Dr. Cory and his staff, I have followed them for years. At beyond dental, you’re more than a patient, you’re family. Love this place and I will continue to follow them, I have introduced my whole family to him and they all love the team as well.

  9. optimized360 says:
    Michele B.
    Dec, 13th, 2016

    Dr. Cory Nguyen has given me my smile back! He does great work. I have had tooth extractions, root canals, and have not experienced any pain during any of the procedures. I would NOT go to anyone else. Absolutely personable, caring, and friendly staff. Not to mention very affordable!

  10. optimized360 says:
    Jerome Mark A.
    Nov, 30th, 2016

    The best in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun, professional, advanced state of the art, and reasonable for all.

  11. optimized360 says:
    Mycha Y.
    Nov, 17th, 2016

    We met Dr. Cory Nguyen 4 years ago due to a toothache. I found him through my insurance website. He has since placed 3 implants and helped me with my TMJ and bite pain. He is honest and tells you like it is. He is a perfectionist and very passionate. His work is beautiful! Do not hesitate, you will be happy!

  12. optimized360 says:
    Elizabeth A.
    Nov, 2nd, 2016

    Fabulous to fantastic! So going into a dentist’s office has never been my number 1 choice of doctors visits. I met Dr. Cory Nguyen several years ago when a cavity forced me into his office. Random visit but the best possible visit of my life. This is a dentist that actually cares about his patients. From the very first visit, I knew he was different. He educated me, took his time to listen and developed a plan perfect for my needs.

    I have referred several friends and family members to him over the years. I’m also so glad that I’ve followed him from Carrollton to Garland now back to Dallas. Dr. Cory Nguyen DDS is hands down the best dentist I’ve had in 40 years and will be his patient until distance says otherwise. 10-star service! Thank you Doctor! Happy Smiling �

  13. optimized360 says:
    Sen N.
    Sep, 23rd, 2016

    Me & my family highly recommend Dr. Cory! He & his staff are very friendly & welcoming & most importantly, very thorough! Dr. Cory takes great pride in his work & really cares for his patients.

    His new office is gorgeous & designed with all ages in mind to make you feel very comfortable during your visit. Come see for yourself! 🙂

  14. optimized360 says:
    Shan J.
    May, 9th, 2015

    My dentist for years. Good to know that my general dentist has the advanced ability of cosmetic dentistry if ever needed. Grateful and I apologized to my friends who are great dentists as well for not going to them.