Dan Hoang, DDS, PA

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1205 Clear Lake City Blvd.
Houston, TX 77062

(281) 488-1477

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  1. optimized360 says:
    Sandi M.
    Jan, 19th, 2017

    I couldn’t agree more with all the positive reviews that have been posted. I am not a fan of the visiting the dentist, but Dr. Hoang and staff have always made me feel very comfortable. They are very professional, the rooms and waiting area are pleasant and I am now going every four months for cleaning and look forward to it. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. optimized360 says:
    Barbara H.
    Jan, 12th, 2017

    Experienced and professional, Dr. Hoang dental office is filled with a warm friendly reception. The doctors and staff are experienced and professional. Appointments are met in a timely manner. Most of my family attend this dentist. We have had good experiences here. Highly recommend

  3. optimized360 says:
    Carl G.
    Oct, 2nd, 2016

    On my initial visit with Dr. Hoang, I was really impressed with the friendliness of him and his staff. They are so professional and definitely attuned to your needs. Dr. Hoang removed a broken tooth that was an anchor for a dental bridge that had broken and fallen out. He, in a short time and with no pain, removed the tooth. After a brief time to let the gums heal, Dr. Hoang inserted a temporary bridge and then a few weeks later, I returned for the permanent bridge. I highly recommend Dr. Hoang and his staff.

  4. optimized360 says:
    Misti N.
    Aug, 13th, 2016

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hoang for almost 10 years now. The staff is professional and friendly. I LOVE my hygienist! She always does a thorough job and is very personable. Dr. Hoang and his partner are thorough in their care. My teeth are in the best shape of my adult life. I highly recommend them.

  5. optimized360 says:
    Matt S.
    Jul, 22nd, 2016

    I had an impacted wisdom tooth that was really causing me trouble. After delaying the process for years, I decided to give Dr. Hoang a call. They were able to see me immediately and the staff quickly helped me get over my dental anxiety. Dr. Nguyen was the dentist that worked on my teeth and I couldn’t be happier to have found her. She was exceptional! She really cares for her patients and wants them to be as comfortable as possible. I just had two of my teeth extracted yesterday, with no pain, and I’m feeling great today!

  6. optimized360 says:
    Asmita M.
    Apr, 24th, 2016

    I was looking for an honest dentist for my family. I was pleased with the service I received and honest recommended treatment plan, not extra things to make bill bigger. I will continue with them. Liz is great and I appreciate her services. Thanks!!

  7. optimized360 says:
    Cara C.
    Mar, 28th, 2016

    Great staff. My family has used Dr. Hoang’s office for many. many years and we love the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. Dr. Hoang along with all his Associates services are top notch and I highly recommend their services.

  8. optimized360 says:
    Adriana M.
    Apr, 17th, 2015

    The staff is super friendly! They really take the time to talk with you and answer any questions that you have. I felt very comfortable for my two visits and was in and out quickly. Everything went so smoothly, really no complaints!

  9. optimized360 says:
    Lisa M.
    Apr, 2nd, 2015

    I never write reviews but I just have to on this place. My husband left work early yesterday with some pretty intense pain in his gums and teeth. Vicodin didn’t even soothe it. I called this place as an I established patient and they got us an appointment 8 AM this morning. Amazing. He was up all night and it was pretty evident there was an infection. I knew he was going to need some pretty serious help. Turns out his wisdom teeth were causing the issues and had gotten infected on his lower left side from trying to push through but there being no room. They immediately got him in for surgery to get his wisdom teeth out. I was able to pick him up about an hour later. They were so accommodating and reasonably priced for such a short notice appointment. Dr. Nguyen was so sweet and she really seemed to care about his wellbeing. My husband HATES the dentist but had nothing but good things to say about this office. We will definitely be back and really appreciate the help they’ve given us.

  10. optimized360 says:
    Sarah T.
    Feb, 19th, 2015

    I work and live in the Medical Center but will gladly drive to Clear Lake (where I grew up) every 6 months for my check-up. Both Dr. Hoang and Dr. Nguyen are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Christine and Rose are always happy to see you walk in the door! I think I spend the most time with the hygienist Lizzie, who takes the time to explain to me everything that she will be doing during the visit, anything she finds and suggests any changes I need to make to improve my hygiene. Every person I have encountered at this practice has been great, I don’t see myself looking for a dentist closer to my area anytime soon.